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Krishnadasi 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Aradhya and uday are at Kumudini’s house. Kumudini says to Aradhya that you are right, i was your aaji for 21years, this hatred was between elders, kids have nothing to do with it. Aryan comes there. Uday says you are right, we should not dig past enmity, we should just forget it, past is past, i think there is no past in person’s life, the past which was gone or which has to come, its only present that matters, Kumudini says thats great thing to say, you opened my eyes Uday. Uday says you reminded of my mother Kumudini, Kumudini says i like the way you talk, tell me Uday you convinced Aradhya in one day, if you tease her then i will pull your ears. Aryan listens all this and starts leaving, Kumudini says Aryan see who has come, come here. Aradhya sadly looks at him. Aryan


comes there, Kumudini says they are relatives now, Aradhya is your would be wife’s sister, come sit with Shravani, Aryan sits beside Shravani. Kumudini says Uday talks nicely, they are nice couple, Uday-Aradhya and Aryan-Sravani, both couple are so nice, i just want happiness for all, you be together for lives. Uday says can i call you aaji? she says yes, Uday says all things are right but i dont believe in togetherness for lives, for births, i used to think that there is no color in life but now Aradhya’s picture is in my life and i am nothing without her now. Kumudini says wow you talk really nice, i like you. You know Aryan was thinking to do business here, we have one factory to start, we need investor, Uday can invest money Aryan, relation can flourish business, shake hands Uday and Aryan.
Damini says to aaba that maybe someone was hiding Raj and now because of estranged relation with him, that person wants him to get arrested. Aaba thinks is it Shravani? she asks aaba why he called her? Aaba says you are Aradhya’s good friend, Aradhya loves Aryan but suddenly she has agreed to marry Uday, i want to know if Aradhya took decision from her heart? Damini says Aradhya didnt talk to me about it, we are not that close friends but i know Aradhya must have thought before taking decision, i should go. She starts leaving and thinks if Aaba didnt call us then who gave us information about Raj hiding in Kumudini’s house, is this true? Aaba think Raj is hiding at Kumudini’s place?
Aryan says business not right choice to mingle with people, Uday says aaji is right, its time to change our friendship into relation, see our would be wives are sisters, we will get along when we do business together and i feel Aradhya wouldnt mind too, right Aradhya? Kumudini says i will bring sweets then, dont leave Aryan alone Shravani, she leaves. Aryan says to Uday that dont do this relation drama again, dont decide what Aradhya thinks because you dont know her well. Uday says you know whats in her heart? you know her likes and dislikes? i forgot that you both are friends, you know each other for long time, thats why you take her side everytime, now i understand. Aryan says you said we should forget past, for your information, me and Aradhya, our past.. Aradhya says we were friends in past, right Aryan? Aryan says thats what you think, for me, you and I were.. our past.. Aradhya says forget past, we cant keep holding onto past, i am not same Aradhya, i am moving on, Aryan says i know you well Aradhya Rao, you are not selfish to forget past for yourself, you still take my aaji as your aaji, how will you forget past? you can sacrifice to any extent for your own people, Aradhya says i used to sacrifice but not now, i think about myself thats why i am marrying Uday, she wipes her tears and leaves. Uday stares Aryan, Aryan leaves. Shravani looks on.

Scene 2
Bhamini comes to Pavitra and asks what are you doing? Pavitra says tree daughters are getting married so i thought to give them gifts, i had shopped for Gayetri but before i could do anything for Aradhya, bad things happened and i didnt know about Shravani but now i will give them equal gifts. Bhamini says i will help you, they pack gifts for three daughters. Pavitra says you did mistake Bhamini, you kept all sarees in Aradhya’s basket, this means you want to give all love to Aradhya as you couldnt be with her but i will not do any injustice with my daughters and you know how Aradhya is, she can give her rightful things to others but wouldnt snatch thing from others. Bhamini thinks but i am snatching ARadhya’s happiness and giving to Shravani, i am doing wrong.
Aradhya is going, Aryan holds her hand and says why did you bring that guy here? you want to put salt on my wounds? Aradhya says aaji invited us, it wouldnt look good if i didnt come, Aryan says like aaji, you have started to play with my feelings too? Aradhya says i didnt give any wound nor putting any salt on it, you are responsible for all this, Aryan says what are you doing with yourself? you have agreed to marry guy whom you met jsut now, is this way your way for doing suicide? he grabs her shoulders, she pushes him away and says be in your limits Aryan, we dont have any relation now, she starts to leave but Aryan grabs her and pins her to wall, they share eyelock, Aryan says i know our relation and to what extent it can go, you are everything for me, you can try as much as you want to throw me out of your life, remember one thing you cant love anyone else, remember this, you not only putting your life in hell but also putting mine and his life in hell by throwing me out of your life and making him part of it. Aradhya says are you done? listen to me last time, i have to go and prepare for my sister’s haldi ceremony, you know ritual that haldi comes from girl’s family, Aryan is stunned and says today is haldi? Aradha says stop thinking about me and start thinking about yourself, today is your haldi, apply is nicely that it removes all past memories from your body and face, congratulations for haldi with Shravani, she is in tears and runs away from there, Aryan looks on.

Scene 3
Shravani is getting ready for haldi, she says today is my haldi and pretending to pregnant, i am in problem, i have to think, i have to do something that everyone thinks that i am really pregnant, she finds pillow and says i cant even put it around belly today.
Kumudini is preparing for haldi. Aryan comes there, Kumudini asks him to get ready, your inlaws must be bringing haldi, first haldi will be applied to you then to Shravani, Aryan says is this drama needed? Kumudini says this is tradition, you know haldi is applied to save from evil eye, Aryan says i am not happy with relation then why you are forcing me? Kumudini says you are not happy? he says no, Kumudini says then how did she become pregnant? think good, i want to do good thats why i am doing all rituals, are you trying to move back from this wedding? stop thinking about yourself, think about that unborn baby, Aryan says stop talking about baby, i wish this was bad dream and i wake with Aradhya beside me, Kumudini says that was dream, she is gone now, go get ready now, Aryan says remember do this haldi and all but this wont work out, Kumudini says it will work out and it will go on for life, Aryan leaves. Pavitra, Aradhya and Gayetri comes there with haldi, Kumudini says Shravani is getting ready, Aradhya says should i go and help Shravani? Kumudini says your sister’s house is your house from now on, you go and help her, Aradhya goes.
Shravani finds beige color pillow and says this is right, no one doubt me with it, women like to touch belly in pregnancy, aaji will like to touch it. Raj comes there and says congrats, i listened its your haldi today, Shravani says why did you come now? what if anyone sees you? Raj says when should i come to your room? dont worry but my eyes are always on you, Shravani says i know that but you know how much drama i have to do to act like pregnant, if anyone doubt us then our game will end, Raj says i can end your game anytime i want. Nakku shouts from outside that Shravani everyone is waiting for you, Raj jumps from Shravani’s window and goes out. Shravani says one i have to act like pregnant and second this Raj,

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