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KKB- Terrible nightmare on my birthday? (Part 5-2)

Hey, ? Here is the episode I promised! ? ?

As we entered our house (he carrying me in his arm) but suddenly he put me down in the wheelchair at the door entrance…
Me: Where are you going? Why you dropped me here only? ??
Abhi: You go inside ill come!
Me: How can I? I can’t walk na!
Abhi: Don’t act like a buddu fuggi! Seriously you’re sitting on a wheelchair that too electronic one (the modern wheelchair they have these days guys, that one) just push that button it will take you in! like really? ??
Me: ?? Fine ill go in! Don’t shout at me like that come soon!
Abhi: Arrey I am just going to the car to get my phone okay..don’t worry..go in..ill come…
Me: Oh..you could have told me that before like seriously? Fine go and come.
As he left I slowly entered the car I needed to go to the room downstairs only until he comes as I couldn’t walk so I went it was really dark so I went to switch on the light which was in the corner…as I went in the door got closed.I shouted really loud! I was scared but soon it went away as he started lighting the candles ?? The room was beautifully decorated and there was a big chashma (glasses) cake in the centre of the room it had Happy birthday fuggi…awhh how cut???e…it was different but it had number one candle on it! I was like what??
Me: Suniye…the cake is so cute but why does it have number candle on it? Do I look like a baby to you still? Ha?
Abhi: Ha fuggi! You’re a baby only..haha..
Me: ?? that is so not funny!
Abhi: Arrey baba nothing like that this is your first birthday after our marriage right? (they were married 7 months back) so I was thinking about how you told me after our marriage that:
(this is what I told him on the marriage day)
“this is my new start of my life…I want to forget everything that happened before our marriage..purbul death…(because I still think they are with us) and I being in a hostel until you met me as I didn’t have parents but now I do have your dadi and she is also my everything but soon she is going to leave on religious tour but my point is I want this to be a new start in my life like as if I was just born..”
Abhi: so I thought why not actually make it a new start! So your one-year-old fuggi!
Fuggi: ? (happy tears) aww… I am so lucky to have you as my husband…I can’t and will ask anything more than this..just stay with me forever!
Abhi: Of course…as if I can leave without you… now stop your bak bak..come cut the cake otherwise I will make it 0! Like a balloon only!
Fuggi: Not me app bak bak bandh keijiyana (not me you stop me your bak bak)… carry me there…I am not coming in this stupid electronic wheelchair! It will ruin the decorations.
Abhi: okay…come ?
And we spent some quality time together…it was the best day of my life actually every day of life with him is the best day but that day was little special… ? ? … I felt like as if the world only has us no one else would come between us… ?
Then he carried me upstairs and gave me medications…I was already feeling half better…because of his love and concern then he made me sleep and I think he patted him until I fell asleep.. ??
Abhi: Fuggi… u ready let’s leave?
Me: Ha but can I know where we are going?please?
Abhi: nope u will see…
After a long journey…we reached the destination…it was a Durga ma temple that I so wanted to visit from so many days but couldn’t for some reasons…
Abhi: How is my surprise?
I went him hugged him… and said
Me: Thank you… 
Abhi: ? (on the forehead) let’s go, get your
As we were going a guard, he was an old man (a person who looks after the parking basically) came and told us that we can’t park the car there we needed to park the other side of the temple…
Abhi: But sir, my wife can’t really walk her leg is hurt! See she uses clutches if I park far from here…how will she walk from there and how will she also walk back?
Guard: oh…ok do one thing…you go park the car…ill help her to go inside…if you don’t mind?
Abhi: umm…okay sir, you go ill come…
Me: umm…okay..but…
Abhi: ill be fine don’t worry…go in…I’ll come soon
Fuggi: Fine  ?


Guard gave support to me and I was walking slowly soon I heard a crash…it was really unpleasant…and with that noise I heard a scream….with that scream I heard my name not the name everyone else calls…it was ‘FUGGI’! I turned behind with shock and saw our car flipping continuously and the truck is hitting the car again and again! Why? Omg! Suniye! I started shouting and started walking fast even though my leg was killing me! But I was walking as fast as I could but I suddenly felt a tight pull in my hand…when I turned around it was the guard!
Guard: Where do you think you are going? You belong to my boss, not to that idiot! Who would trust strangers just like that!
Me: What? ?? Leave me! Dare you call my husband in idiot! Suniye! Utiyena plz (Get up plz) ?? You promised me that you will not leave me! You can’t do this to me!
Guard: Haha… Why are you talking to a dead man! He is gone!
Me: Shut up! Mind your tongue!
Guard: Come!

He forcibly pulled me to the car which was 10m away from where we were standing…I was crying really badly and my leg were numb probably they were completely broken it was hurting really bad but looking at him in that state! I was shattered! He pushed me inside the car! I was still shouting! “Leave me”! but no use they closed the door and the glass was pulled up…I couldn’t see anything from outside! A man next me held my shoulders! I was like,
Me: What the?
Man: Sweetheart! I told you that my game will start soon right? I warned you! Honey, I gave you a chance! But you ignored it! Not my fault! Haha!
Me: Who are you? Remove your mask! Why are you putting it on like a coward! And why is this car so weird! It is not like a normal one! OMG! WHY DOES IT NOT HAVE A DRIVER? ??????
Man: I’ll tell you who I am soon dear! Don’t worry but look outside! See you’re so called loving husband! The rockstar! Is saying goodbye to you!
Me: What?
When I turned around, I was shocked to see the car was at the edge of the cliff!
Me: NAHHI!???
Man: Hahaha! I told you that I’ll make you mine! ???

Precap: How are you feeling sweetheart? Did you enjoy ___________?

I hope you guys enjoyed the second part of this episode! I uploaded it a bit late! sorry! and the reason why I couldn’t do it yesterday completely is because I am really stressed out about my work! I am horrible at time management and my exams are coming up! I am really scared because it’s final exams! I have to do really good! and I am going through and learning some time management skills so I can do everything properly and have enough time of sleep, work, activities like this and feel relieved and trust me I only have 4 hours of sleep every night during school time! NOTE: ******************So yeah! I probably don’t think I an upload tomorrow!****************** but ill try my best! I hope you guys understand! Luv Princess Madhu ??

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