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KKB- Terrible nightmare on my birthday? (Part 5-1)

I got discharged and I was still thinking about that Unknown number and he said to me… More than worried, I am really confused! Who is he? Why does he want me like seriously I have been a very mean person to everyone who proposed or acted like they liked me because I didn’t want them to have feelings towards after I rejected them! I had so many why’s in my mind but none of them had an answer ???

Soon my thoughts got interrupted by him

Abhi: fuggi where are u lost? When there is such a handsome boy sitting next to you and also staring at u rather than driving ur looking at the boring view…look I have no hands on the steering wheel!

Me (Pragya): what ??hold the wheel right now?! Have u gone mad? Why are making it easier for him to get me? U only kill me before something happens to u?? I can’t live without you!??

I don’t know what made me say all that to him… Probably he was so confused on my behaviour! Who wouldn’t be…It seemed like I over reacted and appeared so stupid!

That’s why he stopped the car too!? oh god I am so dead ? I thought but…

Abhi: Fuggi I am sorry ? I didn’t mean to get you tensed and cry I was just trying to cheer u up ? because it is ur birthday and I already ruined half of it so I thought to cheer u up and nothing like u think happened the car was on stop the whole time we are home already ? …I understand u wud be tensed but what did u say I couldn’t concentrate properly u scared me to death when u shouted but u said something like “why…making easy…” Umm ha!! why making it easy for him to take u” or something like that!! What do u mean by that fuggi? Why do u want me to kill u? What’s the matter fuggi? Are u hiding anything from me?

Oh god! I knew I would get caught! Durga Ma help me make excuses…I knw
I can’t tell him right!?

Me: umm..umm…sorry for over reacting I was really worried after fatal car accident purbul had…any joke about it…scares me really bad and especially when u Tok about it like that…ur the only one I have if u go then how will I survive ????? even I will die…??
Abhi : (puts his hands on her mouth) fuggi please don’t talk like that…I am sorry pulling out such a horrible joke ? I should have remembered about purbul before I speak like that! I am so sorry… I won’t let anything happen to u… I promised u in our marriage time and promising again that ur mine and u will be my responsibility ? ( happy tears) I love u fuggi

Me: awh mee too…I luv you and sorry if I overreacted

Abhi: nothing like that let’s go home…there is something waiting for u…??

Me:???? let’s go!

To be continued

…ill tell u all in next part of this episode why I still could not meet my promise? Luv u all ❤️? TC but seriously this time I am really gonna promise that the next episode would meet the pre cap story…plz forgive ur sissy until that ? I hope u guys will ? ❤️Princess Madhu ?

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