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KKB- Terrible nightmare on my birthday? OS

Hey guys! It’s princess Madhu here ? I thought of uploading an OS just to see what people think of my story. Please comment down below, if you liked. I am making this it probably 3-4 part because it’s long and just to create so curiosity in you all. (haha) Let’s see how it works and it is about Abhi and Pragya but as nothing to do with the current track or the past tracks… It is just my thought I implied on one my school works. It’s not really scary if you any chance think it’s a horror or scary story! Let me tell you…It’s not..I can not write horror stories, I am scared myself but anyway, I am not going to pull this intro very long… HOPE YOU ENJOY. LOVE <3 Princess Madhu ?

It was around 6’o clock in the morning, my phone rang loudly which nearly gave me a heart attack! And it was on the table opposite to our bed, but I rushed to it quickly because I didn’t want to disturb him (Abhi). He seemed so tired when he came home from work last night, did not even talk to me properly, it is my birthday today. He used to always wish me at exact 12 but he didn’t this time. I felt really bad but I could see how much tired he was so I only fed him and made him sleep.


With so much hesitation I rushed to the table to get my phone but when I went to answer the call but it stopped ringing, I got so annoyed, I didn’t want anybody to disturb him again, so I switched off my phone, without checking who called me! I went back to my bed and soon I drifted off into a distressing sleep.

But all of a sudden I woke up again, trying to breathe hard and I tried to look around but I couldn’t see anything! I couldn’t even come to a decision that if I was blind or a place I’m apparently in is that dark. I tried to see if I can feel him but he was not next to me. I felt a hard concert floor. I got so anxious, my sweat was running down my cheeks and I was able to feel the pulsing of my blood racing through my veins. I tried to wake up, but I lost my balance and fell down and my head hit the ground really hard but I managed myself to get up but a sudden burst of pain rang through my leg, I screamed loudly, tears started to roll down my cheeks. I gently touched my leg, to feel what happened as I couldn’t see anything, I felt like there was a deep cut in my leg. I had no idea where I am and what’s happening. Suddenly I heard a melodious music, I had a feeling that I have heard it somewhere before… then I realized it was my…my phone ringtone, I felt like the sound was coming from my behind, so I turned around, I saw a small light coming out of the corner, I was relieved, I felt like my life came back to me, for couple of seconds I was beaming with joy realizing that I can actually see and also I can call him or someone but soon I realized the reality that I am in a place where I’ve never been before. I quickly crawled towards my phone, well I assumed it was my phone but appeared like mine only. I took my phone in my hand realizing that it was fully covered with blood but I didn’t care at that point, I even forgot that I had a horrible pain in my leg. I quickly answered the call without seeing who it was, there was a silence for a couple of seconds, and then suddenly I heard a women scream and started saying…

Where is Pragya? Is it a nightmare or reality? Did she just get kidnapped? Who is that woman? why did she scream? What is going to say to Pragya?
Keep Guessing.. ?

and that’s it for today but don’t worry I have already completed it so I am going to post tomorrow only…if you are interested and I hope you guys like it…comment down below, please…THANK YOU FOR READING! ? I TOK A LOT SORRY!

Good night ? Stay smiling ? <3 Princess Madhu ?

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