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KKB OS (Today Destiny Has Kissed My Forehead)

Hi Guys Aytac again?…I hope u all r doing well …And fine as well…
This is one shot …My mind is empty now so I don’t know what i am going to write..?? So u can just ignore it… No need to Stress urself with this Idiotic OS…

So let’s Start;


Me Pragya Abhisheik Mehra..Wife of Rockstar Abhi….And Mother of Aditi and Adi….My both kids r toppers…And i am proud of them…..Mostly people know me as Wife of Abhi…Some known as mother of toppers..And many of them know me as a bahu of a famous buisness man…..
In this whole thing..I am being known by my kids,my husband or by daughter in law ……Where is my Identity…Meri pehchan kha hai …..Why i am known by others name …Just because i left job after my marriage..I did a C.S.S….I was gold medalist …i give 21 years of my life…Just to become a CSS officer …And when i was near to my goal…Mean i completed it…And i was desperate to sit on the that chair for which i hve lost my golden years,i lost my childhood…When i was 8 years ,i set my goal,i wanted to become a CSS officer …And See my Luck…I always dream that everyone will know me one day by A Great officer….And now see how i am known…I am not angry now …Because i was angry at my luck..But today i am thanking GOD ..for my luck … He has given me this much that …i can’t tell u…I can’t thank him in words….

Now u all r getting confuse…That how suddenly my opinion change…..
Because of my Husband Abhieshk….Husbands r not only those who shows that loves u so much and Showing His love by calling u jan e.t.c. .This doesn’t show that u luv her…Most important thing is respect .He respect me this much that i can”t describe u.When there is respect .then there is alot of luv between any relation…
Husbands r not only those who orders u to do this…Husbands are those who fulfill all his responsibilities .As a father ,As a husband and As a son..

When i came to know that i am going to marry Abhi The Rockstar i thought that Celebrities …Hmm…Can never fulfill any responsibility they only think about there look,status e.t.c….
But This person proves me wrong in all ways…
He is the best father as well as son…And obviously a husband..
At our marriage night did u all know what happen…
That Night;
Abhi came into the room and he understands that i am not feeling comfortable…So he just came near me and said:

I nodded..
Abhi:By the way …Do u know i always like that name ..Pragya..It seems so calm and cute..while saying..and smiles at me..
And i was like..? Confuse..But i know he is trying to make me feel easy…
Abhi:So..Miss pragya..When u r married??
I started laughing loud…And he also started laughing . with me..Then he put his arm around my shoulder and hold my other hand and says:

I will not behave like others typical husband who promises blah blah..I will just say that u r my wife..Mrs Pragya Abheishk prem mehra…Tum Rockstar ki biwi tu ho ..
pr uss se phele tum abhisheikh ki biwi ho…Mujh se koi bhi baat krne se hesitation feel na krna …Jb jo dil krey keh dena…I will just say that From now onwards my first responsibility is u..To keep u happy..Pragya says
Pragya: And My responsibility is to keep u and my family happy..
Abhi smiles and kisses her forehead…and says Ok now Sleep..Puri zindagi bitani hai abhi and smiles…

So this was our first night..He not only took care of his family even His second priority is to keep Poor people happy…And i am proud of him…I never thought that i would live a life like this…We live a simple life not a life full of luxuries …And only those can live a simple and beautiful life who never sees the Status of a man ..We see the character …And this is our rule of a life and that’s why we r living a beautiful life……Han ..Tu i was talking about CSS …Yes..Today he came to know that my aim was to become a CSS officer..I didn’t tell him..He always sees some thing in my eyes..Which bothers him alot…And atlast today he came to know about it..
Abhi:Pragya …Pragya..Come fast yr..We r getting late..

Han ..Ok i am getting late for my first day of my aim……So gotta go Now see ..u again..Bye…?..

Guys..who has read ..No Thank you ..Because u all hve stress ur mind by urself…???..

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