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kkb current episode {os} part 1

Hii guys i am shriti u know me bd i am giving os of current track . So i dont no how it will but plz bear this ?

Abhi bring pragya in mm as his personal assistant . Dadi nd all member were shocked to see pragya . Taliya fume in anger nd went to room .abhi ask pragya to talk with my family softly . She noded . Al r angryon pragya tat is y all went to there respective room especially dadi. ..
pragya think dadi is angry on me so i have to talk to her .abhi say i will come from my room ok U just sit if u want to drink anything u can ask robin . Pragya noded . Abhi went .
she think i will go to dadi room .

Dasi say for abhi pragya is stranger . As his fan .
dadi was angry so she not utter any words . Pragya come nd say fmdadi i really dont want to meet him but . He came infront of me . Dadi tell indu to ask pragya to go from here . Pragya say plz dadi i not did any intentionally it was coincidence plz believe i not take advantage of him i try my best to not come infront of him { tears wee rolling from pragya } dadi , u broke my promise nd come infront of abhi if he life will get danger wen he will get effect to his head about u then wat will happened . Coz oh him this house running . Pragya, but dadi he will not get any effect as for him i am his fan . Dadi, yes this only u take advantage of him by telling i am his fan .dadi was scolding pragya so much nd rear were continuously rolling from her eyes . Dadi was crossing her limits .
abhi come out wardrobe nd say i have to meet dadi as she was looking tensed by the way all family were tensed i ehould go nd ask her ..

in budiya room??
Dadi were crossing her limits . Pragya lose her short temper . Nd say dadi enough is enough. Abhi was about open door but he listen nikita for him {pragya{ shout on dadi stopped there . Pragya, plz ,…. plz dadi i cant hear any one wordnow u cross your all limits . Its not my own i have come here its abhi who bring me here . Dadi , see indo once again one lie how much u will lie pragya . Abhi was shocked to listen pragya .
Pragya, bas dadi bas its not lie ind wat will i get u know wat after u say i leave from this house for my abhi for his life i listen al your things wat u said befor leaving this house . But i not did intensionally . Dadi turned her face . Pragya cntnu
u know wat for him i change my look nd come in this house as boss . I torture all of u coz u only said me . I did all tat u said me . Becoz of aliya nd tanu maa started hating ne my whole family stand against me . Nd youe too .abhi think wat Aliya nd tanu did y she saying i was boss nd this all things he say if u listen her then u will know wat was happened who is she for me .???
pragya , dadi first i think maa is write she will take right decision about my life my marriage . Maa think i will happy here . But she dont no tat i am gere from first day nd get torture from this family. First abhi torture me aliya tanu torture me . After tat i start loving abhi . Then he aslo start to love me but ….. but tanu came in our life shecome but saying she is pregnant with abhi baby but tat baby was not him u kbow tat tat baby was nikhil . Your grand daughter too knkw tat tanu carrying nikhil baby but taking revenge from her bhai she aslo support tanu . Abhi thijk wat this happening isshe is my wife first i love then her pregnancy dram wt this is all carrying another man baby . Aliya revenge y she want revenge form me .

dadi, plz i know everything ok dont explain. Pragya, i am not explaing u i am teling trust . U saying ya one thing remain mms drama aliya try to trap me by exttra marital affair i hope u not forget nd by the way if i come infront him he will get flashe upon inward eyes about me then he will be in danger . But u not think about tanu aliya . They aslo was there na i save him from every problem i save his proffession if i was not there tat time i think almost aliya make h falldown from his proffession only purab not marry her md purab love my bulbul nd abhi aslo agreed tat is y she want to take revenge . Wow . But today i will say reality only not a aliya tanu u aslo his biggest enemy . Dadi slapped her . Abhi get shocked nd who is this bulbul nd all .
Now pragya was more angry . Enough dadi she almost shout . Y tat saying na always trust will bitter . Nd becoz of u nd your granddaughter i lost my bulbul . Coz of your stupid i was about lost my mother not only bulbul i lost my purvi coz of aliya she trap purvi she kidnapped abhi nd me no no she was about kidnapped bulbul but instead of bulbul i got kidnapped then abhi aslo came . But aliya saving herself she trapped purvi dont no where will be she .. {she was saying this in medium loud voice . } i did everything for this house but i never get love from this house nd important thing i not get tat is respect . I aslo having self respect . Nd listen dadi u say me na stayed away from abhi . I was staying hut destiny make us meet . Nd from mind he forget me but from heart he loved me nd he will . Nd only i listen your stupid plan coz truEly nd madly i love him .
Dadi, sun stayed away from my abhi . Ok dont come to him again forget himi dont want to lost him .Coz of u
pragya, coz of u i lost my purvi bulbul . Ok u say i should stayed away from him but tell me can u returned my bulbul to me if u can then i am ready to leave him can u give my purvi to me tell me can u . Not having na answer . . Dadi was about say . Pragya stopped her nd say dont think i will stayed here for only for my love i am leaving ftom here i dont want stayed here but remain one thing i wilk not forget . N tear come from her eyes she turned ndwas about to open door . Abhi hide theree. Pragya directly went from mm . Abhi come to his room recall everything between dadi nd pragya . Dadi seat on bed tear were rolling from her eyes . Say indu i spoil her life . I spoil her life

abhi seat on bed . He think this much happened revenge marriage , torturing her , then mms kidnapping drama, pregnancy dram . This much happened . So that y i always want to with her i think something connection but i ignore tat mean she love me this much she lost her sister bulbul nd purvi too .. but this much happened in this 2 nd half year then there will be any proof na i mean marriage photo nd all. Ha nd he search everything then he call robin ask him where tat things has kept from my room i mean black sofa nd all . Robin say in store room .. abhi, ok go . Abhi went to store room . Nd searching there was bundles of frames but he not notice nd by mistakes he hand touch ed tat frame nd fall down . Abhi was about move but he stopped while seeing photo he seat on his leg nd take one photo where abhi were dancing in aliya engagement , next photo abhi was hugging her from backside nd she was looking in his eyes . {Imagine photo tat was mogambo avtar} then abhi see big frame he take nd see there marriage photo .
Pragya went to her home directly she went to her room. . Nd she close door but not lock but sarla think she lock . Sarla knock door she say i want take rest . Sarla say do dinner then sleep . Pragya say she already have {she lie} sarla, r u sure. Pragya, haa .
she take abhi photo. She cry nd seat leaning to bed nd while crying she slept .
here abhi bring frame in his room nd put . Nikita i mean fuggy tomorrow u will come to this house with fully respect .nd i will make u mine nd smile nd sleep .

Guys big sorry to alll i have return very bad nd bore but wen i see pragya crying i too cry i want pragya should be strong not weakness but CVS show her dumb so i get angry nd wat in my mind came i wrote. . Nd oly one more Epi u have bear only two parts os this is .

Nd i will updates my ff soon nd thanks u for reading bore episode???? ind torturing from my epi

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