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Kawach 10th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kawach 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shakti asks Saudamini and Manjulika to save him from Rajveer and Natasha’s souls. Saudamini says she has gone weak after performing meditation. Manjulika says she will go with bhai. Shakti says Rajveer is more powerful than mom now and let us see if Manjulika can save him.


Pari reminisces Arhaan telling that once spirits vanish, they leave a soil and if he vanishes, she will see a soil and she can use this soil to destroy other evil spirits. She thinks she will destroy Saudamini and Manjulika.

Manjulika goes to Shakti’s room and asks where is Rajveer. He says he is not here now. Manjulika says she will hide and he should inform when Rajveer comes. She goes to Pari’s room and asks where is Rajveer, why she is not acting like a widow even after Rajveer is dead.

Pari says Rajveer’s memories are in her brain and will be forever. Manjulika tortures her a bit and then goes back to Shakti’s room.

A lady comes to Bundela house and says she is Bhavya, Natasha’s aunty. Natasha had called her and asked to come and meet her. Shakti says she has gone to meet her friend and did not come yet. Pari says she can stay here until Natasha comes.

Pari goes to a room where she has kept Rajveer and Natasha and informs that Manjulika tortured to know where Rajveer is, but she did not tell anything. He says he has made a plan where Shakti will confess his mistake in front of everyone and Nitish will help him. She asks what did he tell Nitish. He says everything and Nitish believes the truth, so he has arranged everything. Rajveer goes to Shakti’s room and Nitish uses his shooting gadgets. Shakti can see Rajveer but not Manjulika. Nitish lifts Rajveer in air and Shakti shouts. Nitish moves furntiure. Manjulika asks why can’t she see Rajveer. Shakti says Rajveer is very powerful. Manjulika attacks and Rajveer escapes. Shakti falls down and gets electric shock. Pari asks Nitish what is happening. Nitish says he has spread current in room and Shakti will get electric shock. Rajveer leaves from there. Pari asks him why can’t Manjulika see him and only Shakti can see him. He tells her how he asked Heera to help her and she gave her holy ash and if he applies it, Manjulika and Saudamini cannot see him. They plan for next attack.

Manjulika informs Saudamini that she could not see Rajveer and he is more powerful than us. She says how can it be, he died just now and cannot be so powerful, she will hide and see if he is really powerful. Shakti comes in hall and Saudamini hides in his pocket and Manjulika on his shoulder. Rajveer, Pari and Nitish watch everything Rajveer comes in front. Saudamini and Manjulka revolve around Shakti as smoke like a protective barrier. Rajveer throws some holi water on Shakti and Nithish throws electric net on Shakti. Shakti feels electric shock. Even Manjulika and Saudamini feel electric shock when they touch Shakti. Saudamini falls unconscious with electric shock. Manjulika takes her from there. Power goes off, even then Shakti gets electric shock. Pari and Nitish are surprised. Bhavya aunty comes out and Pari shows her aunt has come. Natasha says she is not her aunt and does not know who she is. Pari says she will ask her later. Rajveer beats Shakti. Shakti runs to hall. Whole family gathers. Shakti pleads Jagath to save him from Rajveer and Natasha’s spirits. Jagath asks what spirits and asks what did he do. Shakti confesses that he killed Janaki, Rajveer and Natasha, now Rajvveer and Natasha want to kill him. Pari says Shakti is telling truth, he killed all 3 and is evil Saudamini’s daughter who changed her son with Janaki’s dead son. Rajveer calls police. Shakti shouts they betrayed him, he is pichasini/evil’s son and will not spare them. He escapes. Police follow him. Rajveer catches him and hands him over police.

Rajveer tells Pari that Shakti accepted his crime and is in jail, now everything is sorted out. Pari says this is just the beginning, once Saudamini and Manjulika will know he is alive, they will kill him and even get Shakti out of jail. Manjulika hears their conversation and thinks if rajveer is alive, why can’t she see him, it means she can get him. Rajveer says they will go back to hunuman mandir as hanumanji gave him powers and will show way. Manjulika thinks she will save Rajveer first and then will see how Rajveer got so much powers.

Rajveer asks inspector to release, else they will repent. Manjulika comes and creates storm and takes him from there. Shakti finds Rajveer, Pari and Natasha on the way to hanuman temple and says they could not do anything to him and is free now. Rajveer says he has criminal record now and will repent soon. He holds his neck. Shakti smirks. Manjulka comes and says he cannot harm her brother now, already whoever has come has come and whoever has to go has gone. Rajveer says she cannot do anything. She says she is his and she will get him at any cost.

Precap: Pari reminisces Manjulika’s words that she will get Rajveer at any cost. Bhavya reveals Pari that she is a pari/angel and is her mother, so even she is a Pari. She relives Arhaan and Arhaan says Pari she will find him in her house’s store room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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