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Kasam to Complete Promise of Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS+Kasam) Part 2

Hye guys, im back with part 2 , firstly, Thanks siddhi ,jasmine,go hem fan, nisha, rianaa and any one who like it. So let’s start:
Recap: Tanu is pregnant, Sandy decides to kill rishi, ahem savinggopi and killing radha, radha kills ahem.

Tanshi is seen on a long drive. A man comes in between covering his face. Rishi stops car and says are you mad? The man shows his face. He is none other than sandy. Sandy takes out his gun. He says your life’s countdown is started. Tanu sees this and comes out of car. Sandy shoots. Tanu takes rishi away. Sandy sees police coming. He runs on car. Tanu says are you OK rishi??
Rishi says yes but why sandy try to do this?? Tanu says I think neha has Create miss understanding about you in sandy ‘s mind.
They starts walking remembering their scenes. Tanu says today I’m feeling so strange. A car is seen coming towards rishi . tanu sees this.


Scene: 2
Location : Where gopi killed radha.
Ahem falls. Gopi says ahem Ji. Kokila says ahem dikra. Gopi says you can’t die like this. You have to complete promise which you take with me on mandap that we will together live and die. Ahem says I’m to die but….. Go pi says nothing will happen to you . ahem says please gopi don’t cry , you know, I can’t see you cry. Gopi says but promise me you will be only mine not in this birth nor in that birth but also you will be only mine in all births. Ahem says yes gopi I promise you to be only yours in all births. He dies.

Scene: 3
Tanu throws rishi away. She gets hits by car. She falls. Rishi stands and sees sandy in car. Rishi calls ambulance.
Rishi is seen in hospital. Family comes. Rano says what happened to tanu? Rishi tells. Docter comes. Rishi says what happened docter. How is tanu? Docter says see, she was hit by car so much force that we can only save any one. We have ask miss. Tanu, she asks us to save her child’s. Only few minutes are left, you can meet her. They meet tanu. Tanu says rishi. Rishi says I’m here. Tanu says I’m going to tell you some thing and that is I love you. Rishi says I too love you and kiss her hand. Rishi says we’ll decide our child’s name together. Tanu says OK. One’s name will be ahem. Rishi says nice name and second’s name will be ankush. Tanu suddenly gets problem in breathing. Rishi calls dr. Tanu says rishi. Rishi says yes. Tanu says I’m to die but I love you much in the world and will come back to earth to complete my kasam. Tanu dies.

Scene : 4
Location : where gopi killed radha.
Gopi carries rashi. Gopi shouts why kahana ji, you call my rashi and then my ahem ji to you why?? Rashi starts crying. Gopi says thanks kahana ji. You gave my rashi back to me.

Rishi complaints in police to arrest sandy in tanu’s murder
case. Police arrest sandy. The court ordered 14 years punishment for sandy in tanu’s murder. Song plays hamari adhuri kahani….. Rishi is seen with his childs andgopi is seen with rashi. Screen freezes on rishi and gopi.

Precap: There’s a party in bedi house. Modi family comes.
A call comes to rishi. He attends call and sayshello. Gopi is too attending a call.

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