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Kasam 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kasam 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Rishi was shocked to see Bee ji dance in the room around Tanuja who was also laughing. Rishi recalls Tannu’s laughter and wonders if he really remembered Tannu watching her. Raaj comes to him in the corridor, and was shocked to see Rishi smiling. He was happy to see Rishi excited, as much as he was when he fall in love with Tannu. He moves on blessing Rishi, then comes to the door of Bee ji’s room and watches Bee ji and Tanuja. He wonders who brought this smile over Rishi’s face, Tanuja or Bee ji.
There, Bani signals at Neha who announces there is no chilies at home. Bani says aloud if Guljeet was here, she must have sent him to market. Sandy offers to go to market, Bani reads him a huge list. Neha was calling Nidhi but she didn’t pick up the call on cell phone, Bani dials their landline.

There, Rishi holds the intercom and hear Neha and Bani urging Nidhi to get to Nakul’s room as soon as possible, only this way she can get her money. Rishi was shocked to hear that Nidhi had mixed some sedatives in Nakul’s drink as well. Neha says everyone in that house are emotional fools, everyone there is idiot; once she get hold of Nakul their monetary problems would be solved. Rishi silently heard the conversation.
Tanuja comes downstairs and walks outside from behind him. Rishi keeps the phone down and wonders who is there in the store room who wants to get Nakul’s money. He turns to see this. There, Nidhi was about to hang up, Tanuja comes and show her desire to speak to Neha. Neha was uninterested and gets rid of the phone, Tanuja informs Bani she got the job. Bani assures to tell Sandy about it, Tanuja was excited that Sandy is here and promises to be there. Bani tells her to come tomorrow morning. Tanuja promises to do what she wants her to. Rishi came from behind and think this is the girl who wants snatch Nakul’s property. Tanuja assures Bani to do what she is saying, she will earn a lot for them all.
Raaj comes to Bee ji, Bee ji wants to speak to her about Tanuja. She wants Raaj to get Rishi marry Tanuja.
There, Rishi asks Tanuja whom was she speaking to. Tanuja says she was speaking to her nani. Rishi clutches her with arms and twists them behind her, she cries while he inquires what she came here for. Tanuaj complaint about getting hurt, Rishi recalls twisting Tannu’s hand this way before. Tanuja says she told him the truth. Rishi says he know what truth is, now he would keep an eye over her and she will find him standing between her and his family. He leaves after warning Tanuja.
Rishi was curt that this girl is really cunning, he knew already she is here with some intention. Now he has to catch her red-handed and bring her true face to everyone. She isn’t only a pocket picker, but a girl who traps rich boys to get money.
Bee ji tells Raaj that she has seen Rishi and Tanuja looking into each other’s eyes. Raaj denies this as its not possible. He says Tanuja apart, Rishi doesn’t look at any girl this way. Bee ji complains if he doesn’t want Rishi to get married. Raaj says he wants so, as he is his father; then agrees to think about it.
In the room, Nidhi was getting ready. She thinks she spent so much money from tonight, now she is ready and will do everything will Nakul. Tanuja comes from behind and was shocked to listen to this. Nidhi was speaking to herself that tomorrow morning Nakul would have chance to leave her. Tanuja says suspected them yesterday, but she never thought they would really do so. She stops Nidhi insisting they are really nice people, who gave them shelter to stay. Nidhi wasn’t interested in her lecture, but her own luxury. Tanuja wasn’t ready to let Nidhi leave, she shuts Nidhi in the room locking from outside. She then thinks about getting Nakul rid of his hangover.
Tanuja brings soup to Nakul. He felt dizzy, Tanuja asks him to have this soup, and he will feel better. Nakul recognizes Tanuja, but fall over her. She was helping him when Rishi comes there. He pushes Tanuja away from Nakul in rage and helps Nakul lay on the bed.

PRECAP: Rishi says he has recognized the true face of Tanuja, she is here to trap rich boys. He orders her to get out of the house right away.

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