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Kasam 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Raaj and Rano confess that these three girls are daughters of Rano’s relatives. Nidhi figures they don’t want to introduce them as Bani’s granddaughters. Bee ji says she recognizes all the relatives of Rano, who they are. Raaj explains that they belong to a faraway relative, they have kept them in store room. Rishi recognizes that he told them there was girl in store room, he comes to ask if it was her. Bee ji cheers that Tanuja only lives in her own house. Rishi leaves saying he can’t trust them at all. Bee ji complains Rano for not telling her where Tanuja lived, till today she never liked Rano’s relatives but she is in love with these girls. She shares with Tanuja her liking. Ahana comes to ask Tanuja not mind about Rishi, he pours someone’s anger over the other. Tanuja wonder how much would

Rishi be angry in office tomorrow.
Nidhi and Vidhi cheer in the store room that they got a chance in the house. Tanuja comes there, Vidhi tells Tanuja that Nidhi needs to trap Nakul for his property. Tanuja advices them not to do so, if they don’t love each other they must not be greedy. Nidhi and Vidhi silence her, as its Bani and Neha’s instructions. Tanuja remembers Sandy’s advices that whenever a person does something wrong, his hands shiver, when her heart feels fear it’s the wrong thing to do. Tanuja was determined to walk on the right path, no matter what.
In the room, Manpreet comes to Rishi. Rishi considers there is something wrong with that girl, he has a strange feeling when she is around. She thinks about his confrontations with her in rain, in the office when he kept a hand over mouth. Manpreet says he never understand if Tanuja hates her, Rishi insists he hates her. Manpreet was worried what would be Rishi’s reaction when he comes to know Tanuja is his secretary. Rishi asks him to sit down, he needs to talk to him. Manpreet takes a leave, making up that he needs to go to washroom.
At night, Tanuja dreams about holding hands with Rishi on the same Mumbai Central Station. She told Rishi she can’t let him go, she only came for him. She wakes up screaming, Vidhi comes concerned. Tanuja says she saw him, then rejects the idea to tell her. Vidhi suggests her to scream only silently, else they will throw them out of this store room as well.
Neha and Bani cheer that Nidhi called her, she was determined to sleep in Nakul’s room. Sandy arrived then, Bani explains that girls would sleep in Nakul’s room as there are cockroach in their room. Sandy says he came concerned for Tanuja, and has to go meet her. Bani and Neha forbid him, as Tanuja is busy with her new job now.
Tanuja comes to office the next day, she shares with Radhika about wearing a watch in right hand because she likes so. Rishi recalls Tannu saying the same to him once. He follows Tannu who was now reading a notice board, her stroller fly upto Rish’s face. He recalls Tannu and her strollers floating over his face. He comes out his day dream with a greeting of a peon, Tannu had left for his cabin. He follows her and wonders why she went into his cabin. Tanuja clears his cabin, setting the files in the cupboard. Rishi silently watches her back. He comes to turn her towards himself and was shocked to see her.

PRECAP: Rishi and Tanuja were in Bee ji’s room, Tanuja set ludo game noticing Rishi’s stare at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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