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Kasam 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja cried, Rishi turns around to see her upset watching the moon from window. He walks close to her, she notices his stare and turns towards him with a face wet in tears. He was about to wipe her tears off when the wind chime moves, their attentions diverts from the trance. Tanuja thinks how is it possible that someone loves a person so dearly, and they were parted. She got the face of the girl whom Rishi loves so dearly. She was sure Bani didn’t do anything deliberately, it’s not her mistake either; it’s a game of luck but how would Rishi understand this. She holds Tannu’s photo in the wind chime, and apologizes Tannu as she didn’t hurt her Rishi. She at once get flashes from the past life, Rishi and Tannu getting married. Her head bangs, she cries out of pain; then questions the photo what

happens to her, whenever her face is in front of her. She has blurred visions that aren’t clear, she heard a person’s doings come to her in the next life. She wonders why she came to this world, why such an accident happened to her, why she got this face; why has this face turned into a curse for her, the face Rishi prayed for. She sits on the floor there, upset about getting this face. She wanted to hide her face somewhere.
Rishi comes downstairs to find Bee ji’s condition worsening. Rishi assures Raaj he is fine, he doesn’t care about any Tanuja. He assures Bee ji he is fine, and smiling; for him his family is the only important thing. He was moved by Tanuja coming downstairs, and shouts at her to get out. Tanuja assures she would leave, but asks him not to hate her. Rishi tells Tanuja that he always considered Neha an evil girl, but she only lied to Sandy for money; Tanuja is even fallen, she changed her face for money, she has been trained for years to do this. Tanuja comes to Ahana and apologizes her, she know Ahana had been happy watching her but… Ahana slaps Tanuja warning her not to take Tannu’s name. She has betrayal in her eyes, she can’t love but only play with it; she used the love as an arm. Tanuja explains she didn’t do this. Bee ji complains Tanuja that she has broken her heart, as she herself gave Tanuja’s photo to doctors. Tanuja says that her family has done really wrong to them. She requests Raaj to understand her, but Rishi drags her outside.
The lady in the temple finds the flame going out and comes to save it. She had prayed for Rishi to recognize his Tannu, she seconds Tannu as it’s not her mistake at all.
Rishi pushes Tannu away from the house, he had never thought he would hate the face once he loved. She must get out of here now. Tannu steps up to leave but slips there, falling in Rishi’s arms.
Vidhi and Nidhi discuss that Tanuja has become the favorites of Bani and Neha. Nidhi was jealous and cries that she didn’t get Tanuja’s luck.
Tanuja walks towards Bani’s house, thinking about Rishi’s accusations and hatred for her. There, Rishi cried in his room with Tannu’s photos around.

PRECAP: Neha pushes Tanuja out of her house, and shouts at her to get away from here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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