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Kasam 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rano tells Rishi that this isn’t Tanuja, how can he not recognize his Tanu. Tanuja explains she has been trying to tell everyone since she came that she isn’t Tanu but Tanuja. Rishi was at a verge of crying, he recalls Tannu being hit by the bullet. He gets Neha and Bani’s planning’s then. Tanuja says she didn’t know about the matter, she watched her face in mirror and was shocked, if she had to get this only face whom they all love, may be God wanted them all to get happy no matter for few minutes. May be it’s a game of luck, but this has taken place; now this is her fate. Now, she will have to live with this face, and she will. Rishi claps for her acting, she must ask him what luck really is. He has cried for Tannu for last two decades, and her family was only planning to trap him. This


face of Tannu is a planning of her family, she has got great training, and inquires if the mother was a good teacher or daughter was. Tanuja cries asking whom is he talking about, he is considering her wrong. Rishi warns her to stop this drama. Tanuja says she is unaware who planned this, it was Bee ji. Rishi warns her to take Bee ji’s name, she is involved in all this planning. He drags her to Tanuja and asks her to question the Goddess today. He gets it that she has been brought up in that family, now he understand why his past was being brought to his front. He tells his family that this girl is here to ruin their family, he asks Bee ji to question Rano that she is Bani’s granddaughter and Neha’s daughter. He tells Rano that it’s all a trap that Bani is ill and Neha is in comma. The day their house caught fire, Tanuja went to meet Sandy as well. Sandy is such a curse for their family, he was the one to end his life. He comes to Tanuja complaining she ruined his life again, and accuses her for ruining his life again. Bee ji had given doctors Tanuja’s photo, but Bani and Neha turned it to Tannu’s, as they wished to make it a million dollar face for themselves. He is pity that their planning has been revealed. Tanuja cries denying any such thoughts. He brings her to Raaj saying Raaj called Tannu as his daughter, Tannu never betrayed him but she did today. He then brings her to Bee ji saying Bee ji urged him to marry Tannu, today Tanuja betrayed her too. He then brings her to Ahana, and recalls Ahana broke all the rules and helped him run away with Tannu; she betrayed Ahana as well. He asks if she feels ashamed of playing a bad game with them all. If she wants to trade money in return of face, then drags her upstairs.
In the room, Kasam asks if she think about getting Tannu’s face, but what about the love of Tannu. Tannu is everywhere around, in the breezes, the moonlight, the darkness, the lights. He brings her to a storage area to show her a portrait saying this is his Tannu. He brings her photos from different wardrobes saying this is his Tannu. Tannu promised him never to lose him. He then asks if she understood, and shouts at her to get out. He himself hysterically moves towards the dressing, remembering Tannu. Tanuja comes to console him, then withdraws herself crying as she holds Tannu’s photo.

PRECAP: Tannu was walking out of Rishi’s house. She loses her balance, while Rishi holds her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. oh thats awesome that tannu is back i hope the love story starts again……………..

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