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Kasam 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ahana recalls the times with Tannu, and questions if she never missed her; only she was there still she left her alone in this world. She has a family, but she (Tannu) wasn’t there, no one can fill her place in her life. Ahana hugs her, relieved that she fulfilled one promise; about returning. Ahana shows her the moon, saying she is in disbelief Tannu is back. Everyone thought she would never return, but she is here as she promised. She asks her to speak something, then tells her she has left eating chocolate and doesn’t take tea, doesn’t enjoy it without her; still she is fat. She tells her about having got married, she has two kids who are really mischievous. She asks Tanuja to speak something. Tanuja says Rishi… Ahana tells her that Rishi had a faith in her return, as she promised her. He is


still waiting for her, Tanuja tries to speak she isn’t her Tannu. Ahana doesn’t listen saying Rishi didn’t accept a defeat from her love. She tells Tannu she prayed for her, but never realized she would return; she is back. She questions if know how Rishi spent these 20 years without her, he would go crazy when he see him. She think about Bee ji who always remember her and calls her from upstairs. Tanuja tries to explain, but Ahana hysterically run upstairs requesting Rano to keep her clutched here. Rano walks towards Tanuja and asks who is she, where she came from and how she got this face; Ahana is crazy but this isn’t true. Tanuja says her fate has done a joke with her, a joke that brought her here. Her life, her identity and everything has ruined.
Bee ji comes to Bee ji and asks her to come and see the surprise. Bee ji wonders what happened, she has seen this happiness on her face after twenty years. Ahana insists she had returned after twenty years.
Rishi drives to Neha’s house, thinking that Tanuja would burn in the game she is playing. She tried hard to trap Nakul and now is planning to trap her. She must remember he is Rishi Singh Bedi, if he hates he takes others’ lives. She opted the worst way to get money. He would end this game today. He hears Nidhi and Guljeet discussing inside that they are about to get palaces, each penny of Rishi would now belong to them. Guljeet was in disbelief, and asks what happened. Nidhi says Vidhi called her to tell what happened in hospital, Tanuja would do what couldn’t happen years ago. Guljeet cheers, that they will get fruit of their hardships twenty years ago. Guljeet notices someone’s presence outside. He was shocked to see Rishi. Rishi inquires about Tanuja. He shouts again where they have hidden Tanuja, enters the house to look around. Guljeet says she isn’t home. Rishi inquires where she is then, both he and Nidhi were unaware. Rishi claps for Guljeet that years ago as well, he didn’t know where his daughter is. Rishi clutches Guljeet’s collar, he shuts Nidhi from interfering. Guljeet pants explaining he didn’t go to hospital, he doesn’t know where Tanuja is. Rishi says alright, he is waiting for Tanuja right here and takes a seat.
Ahana brings Bee ji downstairs. Bee ji couldn’t believe her eyes watching Tannu standing downstairs. She calls Tannu and rushes towards her. Tanuja comes to her help as she loses her balance, Bee ji says she is fine and touch her face that her Rishi’s Tannu is back. Bee ji complains for letting her wait, but she isn’t angry at her at all as she has finally returned. She tells Rano she went to temple daily, she has been answered today and her Tannu is back.
Raaj and others also come out, Tannu had her back to them. Bee ji goes to Raaj saying their Tannu is back. Raaj asks who is she, Tanuja turns to face them. Raaj recalls his promises to Tannu as a daughter. Manpreet recalls his good memories, and goes to her weepily. He says Rishi always talked about her that she would return for sure, and today she is back. He cheers that she Is back. UV questions if she is aware Rishi didn’t laugh for last twenty years, but today they feel Rishi would now laugh and live again. Tanuja tries to explain, but Manpreet goes to call Rishi. Tanuja asks Bee ji to let her explain, Bee ji swears her on herself not to speak anything.

PRECAP: Tanuja tells Raaj that she isn’t Tannu, she is Tanuja. Everyone was left in shock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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