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Kasam 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja wonders what she must do with the shoes now. She thinks about going inside the office to get a pin. Inside, Manpreet was worried that no girl is ready to become Rishi’s secretary. The receptionist tells Manpreet that Rishi fires girls over petty matters, his last secretary ruined his reputation over social media. Manpreet was helpless.
Rano and Raaj comes concerned for Bee ji and forbid her come out of the bed. Bee ji was offensive that Rano is always angry at her, then loses her control. Raaj and Rano now help her to bed. Rano calls herself an elder, a mother of five children counting Raaj and Bee ji as her children as well. Bee ji insists she isn’t ill, Raaj suggest about hiring a nurse. Bee ji was worried she will fell more ill watching a nurse, and wasn’t ready to accept herself


as ill. She insists on Raaj that she wants a girl who stays with her, loves her, speaks to her and takes care of her. Rano agrees bringing such girl, Bee ji asks for Tanuja. Rano says it’s in Tanuja’s fate to work in such a huge house. Raaj says if it was in her luck, they would have known about her contact information.
Manpreet comes outside asking a guard about pins, as she has to go for an interview. He comes to Tanuja if she has been looking for a job, Tanuja says really desperately. Manpreet checks her papers and ask what salary she expects, and promises to give her more than she expects. Tanuja was ready to work with any money, and asks what designation she had been looking for; if secretary? Tanuja nods. Manpreet questions if she would have a problem if someone shouts at her, and is rude to her; would she have a problem. He denies all these questions. He warns Tanuja that she will be fired daily, but she must stick to her job permanently. Tanuja tells Manpreet that she desperately needs this job, she agrees. Manpreet cheers and takes her inside for signing the contract papers.
Rishi calls Manpreet saying he checked the hotel files. Manpreet tells Rishi that he appointed a secretary for him and has instructed him well about all the rules. Rishi was offensive that Manpreet called him a monster. Manpreet makes Rishi up then, apologizing. Manpreet insists that whenever Rishi will speak to her he will remember that nice voice, Tannu. He repents speaking so much, then hangs up. Rishi thinks even Manpreet miss Tannu. In the office, Manpreet wonders where he got Tanuja a job. A peon brings him coffee, and informs Tanuja has gone into Rishi’s cabin.
Neha wasn’t ready to marry her daughters in the same situation as she lives. Bani urges her to marry them into a rich family. The girls come home then, Bani scolds them about joggers incident. The girls ask Bani about some drink, as they are really thirsty. Bani goes towards the kitchen, Neha comes listening to Nidhi and Vidhi’s argument. They come to greet Neha. There is a door bell, a boys stood outside with a bouquet. Nidhi and Vidhi fight over it, but the boy asks about Malika Singh’s house. Bani scolds him to go ring the bell of fifth house from here.
Inside, Neha hits Nidhi and Vidhi to go after a poor man, it was her biggest mistake of her life and that is to marry Sandy. She explains that they are new and innocent, and aren’t as cunning as Tanuja is. She was ready to teach them what tactics Tanuja uses.
Tanuja enters Rishi’s cabin, and wonders why its so dark. It seems it has been dark for years, as if her boss is also like this cabin. A person’s house depicts his personality, it seems he is really an angry person. It seems this cabin is also afraid of him, then wonders if this is good for her. No matter there is something, not under her control.

PRECAP: Rishi runs behind Tannu calling her a thief, his wallet fell off her hand. He was shocked to turn her towards him. At the police station, the inspector asks if they know each other. Rishi calls her a trouble only.

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