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Kasam 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kasam 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


In the hospital corridor, Bani mocks Rishi’s line ‘what he must do now’. She dreamed about millions, as Tanuja has turned to be a hen giving gold eggs. She cried when Rishi left her, but now God accepted her pleas. Rishi would now look at Tannu who is still alive for him, when he would look at her something will definitely happen.
Rishi arrive at the hospital, saying he told Tanuja he hates lies. He understood all her planning, but this time she crossed her limits by appointing his name for hospital bills.
Ahana was massaging Bee ji, Bee ji cried in pain because of muscle strain in her arm. Bee ji miss Tanuja who used to play all the games with her. Ahana turns to get warm water for her. Bee ji asks Ahana if she still dislike her. Ahana says Tanuja tried to become Tannu, she shows off

to be like Tannu. When she thought about Tanuja, she decided it is impossible and leaves to get water.
Bee ji looks at Rishi’s call wondering why she couldn’t receive. Rishi had just entered the hospital when he gets her call. Bee ji wasn’t sure about telling Rishi that she had a foot strain, there Rishi wonders if he must ask Bee ji if she promised the hospital authorities that he would make her payments. He thinks that Bee ji loves Tanuja so much that even if she hadn’t promised, she would lie she did. He tells Bee ji that he has come to hospital to meet Tanuja, then ask the receptionist about her, determined to end this story for once and all.
Vidhi comes into Tanuja’s room, she calls Vidhi inside and asks about Bani and Neha. Vidhi says they came, they got shocked looking towards her. Vidhi tells Tanuja that she has understood she now looks like Tannu. Tanuja nods its Rishi’s love. She then asks if Rishi inquired about her. Vidhi says not at all, Bani and Neha tried to speak to him when he was getting discharged. Tanuja was concerned, Vidhi tells her that Rishi was also hurt badly, his case was complicated and stayed here for one month. Vidhi tells Tanuja that Rishi rudely said he didn’t want to see her face and hates her badly. Vidhi leaves to take a call. Tanuja thinks Rishi holds her responsible for exploiting his family, she must clarify it to Rishi. She can’t live without him, she felt for him for the first time in life. She is unaware what she is feeling, but she will meet him and try to remove the hate in his heart. She wonders why she feels for him, why is she always attracted towards him; she was determined to meet him else she would go crazy wondering when she miss him, her eyes and even heart gets filled.
Rishi asks about Tanuja’s room from a nurse. He hear Neha complaining Bani that Rishi left her only because of this Tannu. Bani says now Rishi’s luck will be ruined, and he won’t realize how. Neha boasts that Bani’s mind work as terrorist. Rishi thinks he must listen to their whole plan. Neha says she must have car and bungalow but Tannu snatched it. Bani says now Tannu will get her luck back to her. Neha says she will play with Rishi making Tanuja a player. Both were excited. Neha wonders when would Rishi come, Bani was sure he will come. They were ready to get their daughters set with Nakul, but God got them over everything. Rishi thinks his assessments about Tanuja were right. Bani wonders whom they should start with this time, and discuss about the letter she wrote for Rano. Rishi wonders if they both had planted the three daughters, and now they are back to get advantage of his family. Bani advices Neha to get control over a single member of their family, they will surely give away their money. Rishi wonders what have they got, why would he hand his property to that Tanuja. Neha and Bani were dancing in the room, Rishi enters in rage.
Bani and Neha suggest if Rishi came to apologize them for misbehaving last month. Rishi asks if they have some shame, both deny at once. Neha asks if he has forgotten how much they danced together, why they should feel shame over dancing. Rishi comes to ask Neha if she lost her respect just to get her love back. Bani comes to interfere, Rishi asks Neha if she know the meaning of Tannu. He had clarified to Neha that he loved Tannu. He ruined his life and she is only responsible for this all. Now after twenty years, she returned to send that girl into his home and set with Nakul. He warns them to take their lives if they try to enter his home again. If there is a fire this time, it will burn them both, they won’t be spared in the name of Tannu as well. He has cried 20 years, can Neha even count? When the pain turns to shield it is ready to confront anything in the world. He has turned to fire now, if they even raise an eye towards his house he will beat them to get unrecognizable.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Bani and Neha that he hates Tanuja. He just came to teach her a lesson today. Tanuja comes to Rishi’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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