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Kasam 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja was shocked to hear he killed Rishi’s Tannu. He killed her with his own hands, and asks her to get out of that house as soon as possible. Rishi may try to harm them, he is really angry and his anger is worth it. Sandy cries that he killed his life, his love; he is responsible for Rishi’s heartless life and apologizes Tanuja. Tanuja says he has repented his sins, no matter what the world says but for her he is a true person.
Rishi was shocked to see Tanuja with Sandy hugging him, Sandy says whenever she watches her he can see Tannu in her. Tanuja says had Tannu not forgiven him, she shouldn’t have her shadow in her personality. Rishi runs towards Sandy following Tannu.
There, Divia brings a necklace design to Bee ji asking her consent. Raaj and Manpreet come asking about Pandit,


Rano taunts Pandit is just like Divia who doesn’t like coming to their house. Divia was offensive she only goes to her parent’s house. Manpreet whispers to Raaj that UV gets some free time only when Divia is away. Tanuja returns home then.
Rishi beats Sandy badly for killing his Tannu. People gathered around but no one come to save Sandy. Sandy requests Rishi not to hurt Tanuja as she is his daughter. Rishi was left in shock, he thinks the daughter will cost for father’s sins. He won’t leave that Tanuja.
Tanuja comes to Rishi’s room and takes Tannu’s photo from the diary. Her head bangs again, she wonders why is she hurt watching her. There is some other relation of her with Tannu, and wonders what it is. Bee ji comes to call Tanuja downstairs as the pooja is about to start. Rishi arrives at home, Rano asks Manpreet about Rishi but Raaj hushes him up. Tanuja prays that Rishi is in pain because of her family, she has always annoyed him but today she prays that Rishi be freed from any pain, she is ready to take all his sufferings over herself. Rishi reaches the hall and spots Tanuja standing behind everyone, he comes to stand beside her but Tanuja leaves then. He follows her to the door.
Bani was shocked to hear from Sandy that Rishi knows Tanuja is his daughter, he spit about it. Neha grabs Sandy’s collar that she ruined her life marrying him. Sandy jerks her away that Tanuja must be bringing Vidhi and Nidhi and they will get to village. Neha denies going to his village. Sandy shuts her up, he killed an innocent because of her for which he still repents, but his hands will no more shiver killing her. She must go and do the packing.
Rishi grabs Tanuja’s hand asking where she is heading now, he now know who is she and whose daughter she is. Is she Sandy’s daughter and jerks her by clutching her shoulders. Tanuja was afraid. Rishi brings her to the room, and accuses her to be playing with their emotions. She lied to his parents that she is daughter of their relative, had she know the truth Rano must have killed her. Tanuja was thankful that Rishi is unaware Raaj and Rano are aware of their reality. Rishi asks Tanuja why Sandy has sent her here. Tanuja replies he was unaware they are in this house. Rishi clutches her jaw forbidding her take Tannu’s name and insists on her to tell what purpose she came for? Tanuja says she has nothing wrong for Rishi. Rishi calls it a lie, he shares that he only loved Tannu who was a part of his soul, she taught him to live, to love. He was there because of Tannu, dreamt about living together, they vowed with each other; a few of his kasam were left unfulfilled only because Sandy killed his Tannu. he recalls Tannu tucking her hair behind her ears, he thought about managing them when she would work in kitchen. He dreamt about living moments with her, he loves her dearly and always will. Tanuja comes to wipe his tears as Rishi says he never knew Tannu loved him more than he did, people told him that they will live together for lives but no one ever said she will get the bullet of his share. Tannu promises him to return when his death mark will return. Tanuja cups his crying face with her hands.

PRECAP: Rishi forbids Tanuja come in front of him again.

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