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Kasam 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sandy holds Neha responsible for him being a murderer. Neha boasts that Raaj had cursed her, and she revenged three people. She got Tannu killed in hands of Sandy, Rishi’s life ended this way and Raaj is also upset. Sandy allows Neha to do anything to her daughters but not with Tanuja, Neha wasn’t ready to give her number to Sandy.
Manpreet and Chintoo were playing with ball. Rishi comes there catching, Rishi throws it to Nakul forbidding to give it to Manpreet or son else they will again fight. He takes a seat with each other, Tanuja brings tea to serve everyone. Ahana denies having tea, Tanuja sits beside Bee ji. Bee ji asks Tanuja to massage her head; Tanuja promises to massage it at night as well. Raaj remember Tannu by the taste of this tea. Rishi thinks not only him, everyone thinks as


if Tannu made this tea. Manpreet and Nakul again come fighting over the ball. Manpreet takes a sip from tea and was shocked, saying this tea tastes exactly as Tannu’s tea, he started having this tea made by Tannu. He suggests Ahana must have prepared such tea, she is Tannu’s sister and just makes up that she doesn’t take tea. Chintoo says not Ahana, but Tanuja prepared this tea. Rishi avoids commenting over tea and takes a leave. Tanuja thinks Rishi is even angry at her tea, is he angry at Tannu or because she prepared tea similar to Tannu.
In the room, Rishi comes watching the moon. He recalls Tannu telling him in childhood that this moon will help him recognize her. He questions moon where his Tannu is. There, Tanuja stood in the window watching the moon, she speaks that moon must be evident of complete story of Tannu and Rishi; she wants to know their complete story. Rishi asks moon if he can also see Tannu in Tanuja. Ahana comes to Rishi’s room, she asks Rishi if he also thought the tea tasted as Tanuja. She suspects that Tanuja is trying to be Tannu, it’s a show off. Sometimes she feel Tanuja is like Tannu, Bee ji thinks Tanuja has Tannu’s soul but she fears there is something wrong. Rishi wonders, Tannu’s soul in Tanuja? He remember Pandit’s warning, then recalls that Tannu would return whenever his death curse return. If Ahana suspects something wrong, there might be; but he also think Tanuja has some habits of Tannu. Is Tanuja trying to be Tannu for money, he heard with his own ears what she plans to do with Nakul.
Sandy looks around for the diary in the room. He looks into her cell phone, Neha comes to snatch it but he shuts her up instead and makes a call to Tanuja. Tanuja cheers hearing from Sandy, she promises to come to meet Sandy. Sandy sounded worried and wanted to meet her in the backside park; he advices her not to be seen by Rishi or anyone. She comes outside, Nidhi was conducting a stare game between Raaj and Manpreet. Rishi was coming downstairs, Rano stops Tanuja asking where is she going. Tanuja tells her she has to take her friend to shopping. Nidhi wonders which friend of Tanuja is here now. Rishi thinks that Tanuja was promising to massage Bee ji’s head, she had nothing to do then. He then recall Ahana’s suspect. Raaj sends Rishi to get water motor.
Tanuja comes to meet Sandy worried, Sandy was concerned about Tanuja. Tanuja shares that Rishi is really angry, but he changes as soon as Tannu is discussed. He has changed since Tannu left, she considers him a loving person who is waiting for his Tannu for since last 20 years. He hasn’t moved forward in his life, then why would someone hate such a man. Sandy begin to cry, he shares he is repenting badly. He tells Tanuja that he had killed Rishi’s Tannu.

PRECAP: Rishi watches Tanuja hugging Sandy, he stops her on the door saying he now know whose daughter is she.

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