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Kasam 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi shouts at Tanuja that he is really ashamed of what he just saw her doing, he was disgusted that she is with Nakul in such a time.
In the temple, the lady sat lost in her thoughts when all at once the flames were about to extinguish. She comes to save them worried what is happening to this love story, she then cheers wondering what new color is being given to this love story.
Tanuja tells Rishi she brought soup for Nakul as she thought he wasn’t fine. Rishi questions how she know Nakul is in problem. Tanuja about to tell him it was Nidhi, but qualifies she just saw him having a head ache. Rishi says he know well about her, this is his Nakul and he won’t let her stay in this house for another moment. He drags Tanuja downstairs. Bee ji watches them and comes to save Tanuja. Rishi pushes


her towards Bee ji asking her to tell her what she did. He was sure when she will come to know the truth everyone would be his side. He tells Bee ji it was her planning to trap Nakul. Raaj and everyone come there, Rishi blames Tanuja. Raaj shouts that may be he is wrong. Rishi questions Manpreet if he trusts him, Manpreet was sure Rishi must have a misunderstanding. Rishi still drags Tanuja out of the house. Tanuja watches Bee ji getting dizzy, she runs towards her to save her. Bee ji takes Tanuja’s promise to stay with her. Raaj calls Rishi a liar, Rishi insists she is lying. Raaj says may be Nakul is drunk, or maybe he took something by himself. Tanuja was sure someone else gave it to him. Rishi asks what she has given to Nakul. Raaj takes a guarantee that Tanuja hasn’t given anything to Nakul, she is just like his daughter and he can see the truth in her eyes. He, as an elder has decided that this girl will stay in this house. Tanuja leaves the house. Rishi stood curt.
At Bani’s house, Bani and Neha climb the sofa afraid of lizard. Neha then explains that she was speaking about Tanuja, she didn’t let Nidhi go with Nakul. They were curt that they were mistaken sending Tanuja there. Bani was determined to get the whole property of Bedi family, Rano herself will walk to her.
Tanuja returns home, Nidhi questions if Neha scolded her really bad; but she won’t apologize her even. Tanuja silently sits on her bed crying, and says she doesn’t know this is right or not but something is really wrong. She wonders why Rishi thought she was speaking to her mother, and suspected her even further when she denied it. Nidhi thinks that Rishi heard her conversation with mom, then warns Tanuja that Rishi will now break her.
The next morning, Bee ji forbids Manpreet tell Rano about the last night incident. Rano notices they both are hiding something. Rishi comes downstairs shouting at a business associate. Manpreet wish him morning, Rishi confirms if he reached DK. Rano takes a leave to arrange for Ganpati, Manpreet also takes a leave. Bee ji stops Rishi and says she believe he is a bit rude with Tanuja, he seems to look at her in some other way. He can see Tannu’s shadow in Tanuja somewhere, it brought him close to her. He now expects her to behave just like his Tannu, she didn’t and that turn him enraged at her. Rishi denies any such thing. Bee ji asks him to think from his heart, and look into Tanuja’s eyes; he would understand she is innocent. Rishi asks if she is done, and leaves the room.
Rishi was coming downstairs, Raaj calls him to help everyone in decoration. Tanuja was also working in decoration, Rishi thinks about Tanuja and his moments together while Bee ji’s words echo in his mind. He walks towards Tanuja while lost in his thoughts, Tanuja turns around with the flower tray. Rishi holds it from falling, while staring at her. They share an eye lock. Raaj turns around calling Tanuja, Ahana also notices their eye lock and calls Rishi’s name; both didn’t listen. Manpreet and Nakul come arguing who look better. Rano arrives ready, Raaj taunts her to be late. Rano was happy as UV has gone to take Divia and Smiley is also coming. Vidhi comes inside, they all makes her busy in the work while leaving for bringing the idol home. Rishi agrees to go, but like every year he would stay out of the stage. Ahana notices Tanuja and Rishi looking at each other again. Rishi felt restless.
In the way, Manpreet requests Rishi to dance for a while. Rishi only stares at Manpreet and he agrees to him. Rishi was shocked to see Sandy on a tea stall and stop there while the others move ahead. He shouts his name in rage and runs towards him. Sandy breaks the tea cup and runs from the spot, while Rishi follows him. Sandy had hired an auto and flee. Manpreet comes there, Rishi says Sandy was here. Manpreet was not ready to accept, he questions till when he would follow his nightmares. Why he wants to hurt their parents, what would he do even after he finds Sandy, if he is punished after killing Sandy whole of their family will suffer. Rishi was determined not to leave Sandy, then thinks about Ahana’s advices as well. He had vowed to agree to his fate, saying alright he got a way now.
Tanuja comes into Rishi’s room, wondering why she was attracted to Rishi. What was the dream in which she saw Rishi, was it only a mental obsession. She heard Rishi only loved Tannu who lost her life for him, why could she see a girl getting bullet in her dream; what is the feeling when she looking into Rishi’s eyes today. She looks around wondering why there is not a single photo of Tannu, she wants to see how Tannu looked and searches in the room. She then thinks it’s unethical to touch someone’s personal belongings. She recalls Bee ji calling her a shadow of Tannu, then goes towards the diary again to look at Tanu. A photo labelled Tanu on behind fell from the diary, Tanuja holds it and was about to turn it around when John comes calling her. She rushes downstairs.
They were placing the idol, Tanuja comes to help Rishi hold it better. Both share another eye lock. Bee ji was happy watching them together, Nidhi felt awkward about it. Raaj smiles nodding at Bee ji about them. Their eye-contact breaks all at once, Rishi removes his hand from beneath Tanuja’s. Bee ji sends Divia to get sweet basket.

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