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Kartik proposes Naira, Heartbroken Gayu (episode 1)

Hey guys, I have decided to post a FF on Kaira, on the actual serial I was hoping to see Kaira’s love, but it will take another 2 weeks to show that so why not I do the same on here.

The epi starts with Naira thinking about Kartik…
Naira: Isn’t it weird that I have a feeling for Karik that I never had before. He is really good person, and if I tell the truth I like him too.
Gayu comes in Naira’s room.
Gayu: What is it, tell me? I can understand, you are in love.
Naira: Di is not that.
Gayu: What is it tell me?
Naira: Nothing


Gayu: Your face clearly says you are in love.
Naira runs off.
Gayu shouts: Ya ya, you are shy, that means you are in love.
Naira goes to corner.
Naira: What is happening with me, what Gayu di said was true, no, no.

Kartik gets some Roses and makes a necklace, pair of earings and hairband and decorates these with Roses.
Kartik: These will be perfect present for Naira and I will finally propose her with these. Now I have to call Naira on the phone and call her to meet me on the park.
Kartik tries to call Naira and accidentally calls Gatu without knowing that he is calling Gayu.
Gayu picks the call.
Kartik: Look, this is very important, meet me on the park, I have something for you. Trust me this is imp.
Gayu: I always trust you.
Kartik recognises Gayu’s voice and disconnects the call immediately.
Kartik: Oh no, instead of calling Naira, I called Gayu. I have to text her.

Scene shifts to Gayu.
Gayu: I think he is gonna propose me, yes yes yes, I was waiting for this day for ages, this day has finally arrived.
Gayu leaves her phone, and goes to get ready.
Scene shows Gayu’s phone where Kartik’s message (text) arrives saying “Gayu, I am sorry, I called you instead of someone else, hope u understand”.

Scene shifts to Kartik.
Kartik: I think Gayu have got the message from me, I should call Naira now.

Kartik calls Naira on the phone.
Naira picks the call.
Naira: Hello, Kartik, what’s up.
Kartik: Please meet me on the park, its very imp.
Naira: Ok.

The scene shifts to Naira.
Naira: What is very important, maybe it’s an emergency, I should go quickly.

The scene shifts to Kartik waiting for Naira in the park.
Naira arrives in the park.
Naira: He said its imp, I can’t even find him.
Gayu arrives in the park too.
Kartik suprises Naira from the back and says “I love you”.
Gayu gets shocked.

So guys if you like me to continue please say it on the comments. Silent Readers please comment.

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  1. Tell us how does Naira gets to know Kartiks truth
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