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Kalash – a new start of love (Episode 1)

I want to make ff on kalash please if you like it support me.
In my ff.
Story is start when devika is on his old house and Ravi come there .
first episode.
Devika watch Ravi
And hide.
Ravi came to here.
And recall his all movement. Ravi- my old and beautiful movements my family precious movement is related to you. And my most important thing memories is related to you.
Ravi is in teary eyes.
Devika- ( in mind important thing?)
Precap- i don’t think yet.
If you like it so please comment.
And I doesn’t give introduction.
Because it have those character.
Which is in kalash.
But if I want to add a new character so I tell you.
Thanks for reading.
And please comment.

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