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Kalash 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Janki gets calls fom inspector, he says Ambika have left her purse at police station, she says for what she came there for? inspector says she asked me to free Ravi, i tried to stop her but she said that she will talk to you, i didnt have any choice, she says i will send driver for purse, she ends call. She says this girl doesnt understand anything, why she keep giving invitation to problems? its useless to make her understand, why didnt she come back till yet? i hope she is fine.
Ravi and Devika comes to Nivi’s house. Manju hugs Ravi and asks how is he? Ravi says Ambika freed me from jail. Nivi comes there and hugs him, she says i tried everything to free you from jail but i couldnt do anything, i am so happy you are back, she cups his face, Devika glares at her, Ravi says she

freed me, thank her. Nivi comes to Devika and says thanks for this favor, i came to ask for help from your mom but she didnt listen to me, dont know why she was so angry, Devika says she doesnt like if people misbehave with her, she is really good at heart, you have habit of talking in rude way, if you had requested her to free Ravi then she would have done it but you talked to her rudely, Nivi says i know, i talked rudely with her but insisted her first, you know i become desperate in these situation, now everything is fine, i am happy you are free, i know Saket is dangerous, i went to Saket and asked him if he kidnapped you but he fooled me with his talks, Devika says its okay, sinners get punished eventually

Devika moves her saree up and there is tattoo on her leg instead of birth mark. All are stunned, Ravi recalls how he had seen mark, he looks at closely and says where did birth mark go? i saw it myself, how did you do it, he says to Nivi that believe me, i had seen it myself. He asks Devika to tell him truth, he says i know there was mark not tattoo, why you are doing this? you realize how i live without you? tell me whats wrong, why you are acting like Ambika? Devika pushes him away and says enough, you wanted me to prove that i am Ambika, not Devika, i proved it, you keep pressing me that i am Devika, i am tired of your rants, for your satisfaction, i had to be embarrassed to show my tattoo infront of all, i know you are stubborn and wont listen to me, i should have left you in jail, i thought you saved me from Saket so i should help you, i free you from jail but i was wrong, you saved me just so you could prove that i am Devika, Ravi says you are lying, devika says you should see mental doctor, its useless to talk to you people, i am leaving, She says to Nivi that you are best friend of world, you keep saying that i am your only friend, did you forget that i saved your life but when i needed you help today, you didnt help me, you are selfish, you only come to me with purpose, your fiance kept embarrassing me but you didnt stop hime, Nivi says i didnt doubt you, Devika says really? why didnt you stop him when he was asking me to prove my identity? you should have said that i dont need to prove anything, i saw your reaction when i asked for help, i proved everything and you proved that you are not good friend, i did mistake by making you my friend but everything is finished from now on. Ravi says you are lying, Devika says you dont respect me enough to not embarrass me infront of all, i dont need to talk you, you all forced me break all ties with you all. Nobody supported me so now I Ambika Raichand, owner of this house takes decision that nobody of you will in this house, all are shocked to hear it, Devika says you didnt listen? i am owner of this house and this is my final decision, pack your stuff and get lost from here. Vikas says thinks that Nivi threw Shweta out of house and now she getting same thins in return. Manju looks on tensed.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Ravi that God knows when we will you stop trying to prove that Ambika is Devika. Ravi says i saw mark on her leg myself, i dont know how it became tattoo, Nivi says why dont you accept that Devika is dead and she wont comeback and i am glad that she is dead, Ravi shouts enough, he threatens her saying if you ever talk about her like that, i wont spare you, he leaves, Nivi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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