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Kalash 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Nivi calls her sister Sia and says i dont know what to tell you, you cant come, dad cant come, you have exams, focus on that, she ends call and says what to do? i didnt invite Ambika, i should call her. She calls Ambika, Devika says to Janki that Nivi is calling me why? Janki says take it. Devika takes call, Nivi says did i disturb you? Devika says ofcourse, i was having lunch, you have any work? how is wedding preparations going? Nivi says everything is going smooth, today is my haldi, only family is invited, you are my family so you should come. Devika says atleast you thought to invite me this time but i cant come, i have important meeting, Nivi says please come, you are my best friend, Devika looks at janki, she nods at her, Devika says okay you are forcing so i will come, Nivi thanks


her and ends call. Nivi turns to see Manju standing in room, she says you scared me, Manju asks if you were talking to Ambika? Nivi says yes but i think she wont come, she is busy, its good, i want her to stay away from Ravi till marriage, Manju says but Ravi is totally changed, he is taking care of marriage preparations and all, i dont know what happened to him, Nivi thinks that great, atleast Devika’s craze is gone, he is taking interest in wedding, after marriage he will be mine only.
Shweta makes coffee for Vikas and says he loves and takes care of me a lot and i didnt understand him, i just want him to like coffee, he is nice, he works hard, God will make him success and i should be on his side, i just want him to like coffee. She gets Saket’s call, Saket asks whats happening there? you want anything? Shweta says everything is going fine and my husband can take care of me, what you want? Saket thinks what happened to her? Saket says i went to Ambika’s house with marriage proposal, i gave her one day time, i am sure, she will say yes, tell your husband that he is going to lose challenge, she ends call and says i am sure, Ambika would deny proposal, how dare he want to kill Vikas? he will get beaten,.
janki says Ambika you should come to Haldi too, Devika says i am feeling weird, you said easily that i should marry Ravi, this is big decision, i dont know if i would be able to take revenge too, Janki says when i saw you crying last night, i thought that Nivi should be crying not you but Nivi is basking in happiness to get married and here you are in pain, what kind of revenge is this? thats why i decided that you should get married to Ravi. You are owner of that house so when you will go to that house as daughter in law then you would be able to punish everyone, like Ravi who used you to get married to Nivi, he cheated you, think how shocked he will be to see you as his wife, then you would be able to play with everyone’s life there. Janki says just thinking by marrying Ravi, Nivi will be shocked to see you as Ravi’s wife and Saket will get shock of his life, Devika says you are right, Saket showed me so muh attitude you, it will be crushes, Janki says he will go mad that he will lose you again, Devika says this plan looks good to listen, i want to do it but what we are thinking can happen? only one day is remaining in wedding, how we will do it? Janki says we have to think twisted, remember what idea Ravi used to get married to you? we will use that idea too? Devika says you mean to switch brides in mandap? i will sit in mandap instead of Nivi? Janki says yes, we dont have time to plan anything else, Devika says i really want this plan to be successful but if i get married to Ravi then they will be sure that i am Devika, Janki says dont worry, trust me that the one who will be trapped in all this will accept that she made this trap only, you just get ready to marry Ravi, i wont let anything happen to you, Devika says i trust you completely but i still wanna know your plan? Janki says just think about winning, Devika says i will keep thinking, please tell me. Janki says i have to go to haldi and prepare for everything, i will tell you after coming back. Devika says if you dont tell me then i will keep thinking about it, please tell me what are going to do? Janki says you wont listen, she tells her plan which is muted, Devika says its great plan but i just hope it succeeds, Janki says i just want to see you smiling, not crying, Devika nods, Janki asks her to smile, Devika hugs her and thanks her.

Scene 2
Nivi’s haldi is going on, all are applying haldi to Nivi, Nivi is happy. Manju applies haldi to her, then Gurvindar applies it then Shweta. Ravi comes there, he takes haldi, Nivi thinks apply haldi to me. Ravi is about apply it when janki comes and says Ambika.. Ravi stops listening her name and turns to look, Janki smiles at him, janki says Ambika couldnt come so i came, Nivi thinks that she had to come. Ravi applies it to Nivi and leaves. Nivi thanks Janki for coming, Janki applies haldi to Nivi and says you are looking nice, she gives her gift and says Ambika have sent it, Nivi opens box and shows diamond necklace which Ambika sent, Manju is stunned, Nivi says why she had to send such expansive gift? she is a great friend, Janki thinks that she doesnt know that this is part of her revenge, Nivi asks what she will take? she says fresh pineapple juice, Jyoti says its not at house, Nivi asks her to bring from outside then, Nivi invites Janki for wedding. Janki says sure, she thinks that Manju must be in her room, its good time to talk to her, she says i need use washroom. Janki sees Ravi and thinks seems like your face got pale seeing me here but what you did with Ambika last night, you would get payback for it.
Manju is in her room and says people dont think before doing anything, Janki gave diamond gift for friendship? i am her mother in law so i have to give her jewelry too, i thought Nivi will give me jewelry at wedding but its opposite now. Door knocks, Janki comes, and says i came to give you gift, this gold set for you, Ravi is getting married so Ambika sent this for you, Manju is wide eyed and says this is for me? she says yes, i have to give Shweta’s gift too, i will give, she says give it to me, i will give it to her, Janki gives her, Manju cant believe her luck, Manju says its been so long that someone gifted me gold, Janki says i am sure Nivi must have made gold for you, Manju says truth is that she didnt give one gift to me, infact i am giving her my jewelry, Janki says how can Nivi do this? you are giving her your talented son, this Nivi is impossible, if it was my daughter, she would have gifted crores, i would have gifted mother in law 5crores and house, i dont know how you agreed to make her daughter in law, why dont you stop this wedding? Manju says what can we do when its too late? Janki says arrow is shot but you can change its direction, if this is happening rightnow then dont know what will happen after wedding with you, if i were you then i would have swaped brides at mandap, Manju is shocked.

PRECAP- Janki calls Devika and says i have put thoughts of swaping brides in Manju’s mind. Nivi is passing by Janki and stops to listen her conversation, Janki says on call that i have handled everything, you just be prepared for wedding, Devika says okay, Janki cuts call and turns to see Nivi standing there.

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