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kaira or kayu love (episode 1)

Hey guys, please comment on my ff I am giving first episode of this for who love my ff. I will also have to show akshara naira track because kaira would happen in udaipur.
Link for my intro is



The episode start from where I have left the intro
Kartik says Don’t judge people on your own I was about to tell them but everytime someone says between and then you says jungli billi

Naira says Are you calling me jungles billi
Kartik says Yes
Naira Don’t say me jungli billi or else
Kartik inturrepts her in between and says what will you do
She says I will punch on your face then you will do tar tar like mendak
Kartik was about to say something but then a child from naira ashram come to naira and says the udaipur clients have come. She goes from there

He thinks we have to meet again to settle our score with this he goes to his friend .
A friend asked what are you talking with that girl so long.
Another friend asked have you fallen in love with him
Kartik says who will love this jungli billi
The scene shift to railway station where naira was waiting for the udaipur clients
She thinks how much wait will the udaipur clients come . My day is already bad as Kartik thought me of my parents

Just then the train come and many passenger come out and akshra and varsha also. They was about to face naira but then naira thinks that someone call her name so she turn backward and akshara and varsha pass. Then she think it was my mu and begin to find his clients She cannot find them because akshara and varsha goes out of the railway station. The episode ends
I will slowly change it to orignal storyline to min but until then comment how can I change my story

Precap- Kaira second meet & naira also find about akshara and varsha

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