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Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-19)

Tysm to all my commentors….. ????
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Epi -19


The story starts with swasan…
They are talking with ?

Swara – Tell me everything sanskar .
Sanskar -She always doing the work which she liked.
Swara – only this reason you abused her this is not fair ??
Sanskar – No yarr I’m too much tired from her misbehavior.. You know na that how much I respect our teacher ??
Swara – yeah .. i want to know yaar actual reason.
Sanskar – She always gave me threat to cut her wrist, you know n i don’t like any threat … She never obey my orders or requests…
Swara – yeah i know but look Sanskar …. If she couldn’t change for you then why would you not change yourself ??? ? and say sorry to my madam.
Sanskar – i have done everything earlier yaar but its not sufficient for her, she likes only her freedom …and listen to me ….miss Swara Rao i’ll nevr say sorry to her because I’m not wrong…
Swara -whatttt !!!!! Say sorry to her, otherwise she can’t talk to you again.
Sanskar – i also don’t want to talk to her…
Swara – it’s not any solution .
Sanskar – Mini talk to a boy .
Swara – tooo ??? What’s problem??
Sanskar – He is her junior student .
Swara – So ??
Sanskar – She talk to him day and night ..
Swara – So ?
Sanskar – He proposed her .
Swara – Whatttt !!! :-o. :-o. :-o. He is junior na ??
Sanskar – yes , but he proposed ..
Swara – How you know that he proposed her ????
Swara – When he proposed her then she would scolded on him na ..??
Sanskar – No no no nooo ..she told him very politely i m so sorry beta its not possible bcozz I’m your mam… Then her student reply that why mam ????? Nothing is impossible in this world .And i would like to inform you that Sanskar is also your student . Then mini told him No beta ..
Student – I love you mam . I can’t live without you .
Mini – i like you , like a student nothing else .
Student – ok , but I love you .
Inspite of she talk to him without any hesitation …

when I told her that stop your act , then she told me that you talk to swara, Ranjana , alisha, shiba and Ragini then I didn’t stop u so why are you stoping me ? Are you doubt on me ? Then I told her that I can’t doubt on you but I don’t like it yaar ..
Swara – again ??
Sanskar – when I warn her then she told him (student) on fb that I’m going to block you we shall talk to on Whatsapp ok bye bye …
Swara – wait…wait…how you know about her sms ?
Sanskar – I know her id and password .
Swara – Whatttt!!!!!! Omg :-o. how ? ? ? Are you hacker??
Sanskar – Noo…… monu hacked her password ..
Swara – omg !!! Are monu hacker???
Sanskar.- Yeah ..she always tell me lie . She told me that she is not talking with her junior student but on back side she talk to him .
Swara – I think its misunderstanding .
Sanskar – Noooo swara …. All are clear like mirror….
Swara – i would talk to her about this matter.. And i hope she would understands it.
Sanskar – swara you know na that the dogs tail couldn’t straight….
Swara – I say stop sanskar she is our mam …
Sanskar – Noooo she is kmeeni …
Swara (angrily)- I say stooopppp … :@ :@ :@
Sanskar – go and talk to your mam bye bye ……
Swara – Ok but give her a chance for rectify .
SAnskar – she would nevr understand me ….
Swara – give her a chance plzzzzz….plzzzzz…
Sanskar – Ok .

@ Whatsapp ……?

Swara – hello mam ….. Where are you ????
Mam – What happened beta????
Swara – tell me about your student ?
Mam – He is my student nothing else . Honey doubt on Me na .
Swara – Noo mam …… He loves you soo much ..(told with teary eyes)
Mam – No beta he only doubt on me .
Swara – No mam he has not doubted on you but he don’t like your this act . And tell me one thing mam .
Mam – what ?
Swara – U love him or not ?
Mam – yeah .. I love him sooo much my honey <3 <3 ….
Swara – so why are you not obey his talk . "I have listen from someone that love changes everyone."
And you can't change yourself, your bad behaviors ??? !!!
Mam – He abused me . And I'm always right ..
Swara – I know he abused you because you told him lie . Mam – what !!!! I'm not lier …
Swara – tell me truth about student ?
Mam – I told you na he is only my student …
Swara – She again press her for the reality but she repeated her statement .. She told her plzz mam tell me truth ???
Mam – how did I tell you beta ?
Swara – Okey fine …. You love me na mam??
Mam – yes beta .
Swara – say sorry to sanskar for your all your mistake , and I promise he would again talk with you ..
Mam – Noooooo.. I would not say sorry to him becoz I'm not wrong ..
Swara(requested) – plz mam say sorry to him ..he loves you and now he feels restless from your behavior..
And if you would say sorry to him , everything would all right ..
Mam – Ok .. ???
Swara( happily) ??? – thank you mam .(Swara knows everything about mam that she is lier but she want to solved this matter for his best friend because sanskar feels sooo restless from her (mini) act ..

after some time swara calls ? to sanskar …..

Sanskar ? – Yes swara …what happened yaar ..??
Swara ? – Mini realized her mistake plzz talk to her .
Sanskar ? – sorry swara I cant talk to about her .. She is headache for me …
Swara ? – plzzzz sanskar .. Don't say this types of word ..Talk to her for me ..
Sanskar ? – I'm sorry swara ..
Swara ? – I'm your best friend na ??
Sanskar – yeah .
Swara ? – then go , and talk to her it's my order …
Sanskar ? – b..b .. But yaar ……
Swara ? – bye… Sanskar ..your voice is not clear , I thik here is a big network ? problem …
Sanskar smile and says you are sach a naughty girl ….
Swara ? – you also .. Bye sanskaaaaaaar (say loudly) … ???? and disconnect the call immediately …
Sanskar ? – S..aa..s..swara stop ..(he would understand very well that what she want ) …????

@ Facebook

Mini – Hellooo honey …
Sanskar – Seen her sms
Mini – Sorry for everything honey .
Sanskar – Ok .
Mini – I know you angry with me .
Sanskar – When you know everything then why are you asking me ??
Mini – I am sooo sorry honey .
Sanskar – tell me you talk to your student or not ..???
Mini – Noooo .. I had blocked him .
Sanskar (angrily) – ohhhhh .. Really you don't talk to her ??
Mini – yeah ..i swear I'm telling truth ..
Sanskar – Oooooo … Goooo and talk to with your student on whatsapp .. Nobody would knows ..
Mini – what you want to say ???
Sanskar – which you understand .. Bye ..bye ….
Mini – listen honey ….
Sanskar – go from my life .. I'm not happy with you because I hate cheater ..
Mini – I'm not cheater ..
Sanskar – Good bye madam ji …. I left my all friends for you but you cheat me ….
Mini (Angrily) – You left your friends its your decision not my .
Sanskar (Angrily) – yeah I know but I left them because you don't like when I talk to them . So I decided to left them .
Mini – you are lier .
Sanskar – whatttttttttttt !!!!
Mini – yeah . You told me that you left your all friends then why not left swara ????
Sanskar – I was left her , you know. .But after a long time she called me because of me and you ….
And how so cheap your thinking … She try to unite us and you …. shame on you ..
Mini – bye .. Dont you try to talk to me ..
Sanskar (Angrily) – I'm also not interested .. Bye ..bye …
Mini (Angrily)- bye ..

Bye ..bye.. bye ….

Precap – Meenali crying for sanskar …

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