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Kaala Teeka 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Nandu is praying in the festival. He says take me to my bride God. Nandu will die without his bride.
Rocky brings Kali to the festival. Kali says why you brought me here. Where is naina? Kali prays in the festival. Rocky keeps barking. Kali says why are you barking. rocky points at the basket there. Kali sees it, Nandu sees her. He grasps her arm, Nandu says I found my bride. Rocky stops him. Nandu says whose dog is it. Kali sees the basket. she takes off the cloth from the basket. Naina is there. Kali is dazed. She picks Naina up and hugs in tears. Nandu says bride save me. Kali runs from there. Nandu says don’t go.


Scene 2
Manjiri says Kali you should have told me. Kali says there is someone who doesn’t want Naina to live here. The basket I found her in, went from this house. Manjiri says Vishwa? No he is already scared. Kali says Gauri. I think it’s her.
leela is doing arti. Gauri says Kali you should do arti. She recalls Vishwa saying, he put explosive Kapoors in the arti. Kali picks the arti. She is about to put oil on the Kapoor. Rocky comes running and shoves the plate from her hand. Leela says where did you bring this Dog from? Gauri says he getting very naughty. I will return it. Kali says I will handle it. Leela says you better handle your child. Kick this dog out.

Vishwa says on call yeah yeah I am leaving. Manjiri says to Vishwa, this is pooja’s stuff. It fell because of Rocky. Give it in temple. He says okay, Vishwa takes it. He says oh I forgot the keys. He leaves it there, suddenly it blasts.
Doctor dresses Vishwa’s eyes. He says his eyes had explosives. Manjiri says will he be able to see? Doctor says yes. Vishwa says what has happened to me. Manjiri says calm down its not very deep. Kali says how you feel now bady papa? He says in heart how would I feel. I have to kick her and her daughter out of this house. Kali brings Naina near Vishwa. Manjiri says I went to sin clearing temple as well. Why is all this happening? if you have done any sin, please repent it. Or these things won’t stop.
Prohit says to Yug, Vishwa’s Kundli is that way. He has to bear all this. Yug says but there must be a reason behind it. I have to find it.

Gauri buries all the stuff. She says now no one would know why it blasted. Yug comes and says what are you doing here? She says I buried the explosive arti stuff. Yug drags her in and says I want to know the truth. Gauri says what are you saying? Yug says what did you do with Kapoor? Sanjevna told me. Gauri says you trust that servant more than me. Call him here. Gauri asks Sanjevna did I touch the kapoor in pooja plate? sanjevna says when the arti was preparing I saw.. Gauri says if I had to do this, why would I place Kapoor in my own plate? He says Lakshmi.. Gauri says the one who was fired yesterday. gauri says see.. No one trusts me. It was not me. I have lost my baby. I am her mother does anyone care what am I going through? Yug says you are making a fuss out of nothing. We are equally upset as well. And I am trying.

Scene 3
Next morning, Gauri says its a white car. Kill them both. I will give you rest of the money after the work. Driver says to Kali Yug took the white car. I will get the other one. Gauri overhears this and is dazed.
The thugs surround Yug’s car. Gauri says oh God Yug took that car. I have to stop them. Gauri calls them but they do no pick the call.
Gauri says I should call Yug but what will I say to him?
They hit Yug’s car with their jeep and Yug’s car crashes. Yug is badly injured. The car gets locked and the smoke is filling in. Yug should for help. He tries to get out of the car but the car is locked everywhere.
Nandu sees the burning car and comes there.

Precap-The petrol is leaking from Yug’s car. Ut blasts. A car is coming towards Naina and Kali. It hits them both. Naina’s stroller floats up in the air and falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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