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Kaala Teeka 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The episode begins with a new montage. Kali holding her baby. Yug n Vishwa on one side and Manjari on the other …


Kali will stay in this house like our family member announces Vishwa. Manjari and Kali are pleased to see their plans work,
Manjari then regrets slapping her so hard .Kali says she was greater than her real mother, it was done for her benefit only Manjari and Kali share moments of affectionate bonding .

They decide to wait for badke papa to commit some mistake feeling guilty , then he will himself provide evidences to incriminate him and they will,catch him .
Vishwa and Purohit ji are searching for evidences kali at the cliff . But the find none , They decide to go to the hospital where Kali was found . They questions some people living locally

, they come across Nandu named idiot rescuing an injured lady six seven months back . Vishwa and Purohit ji offer bribes to the kids to lead them to nandu .
Manjari is seen secretly following every move the duo closely .

On the road Gauri is running. She comes across an aggressive dog who had the habit of biting children n wounding them fatally Gauri gets an idea .
At Home Kali is seen taking her baby around the garden in her arms , Yug gets a pram for the baby But kali notices all the kaala dhagaas and numerous tabeez tied to the pram .she refuses to lay the baby into the pram .
And Just as predicted Baby naina starts crying the moment she is laid in the pram .
Gauri brings home a huge Labrador much to Yug’s annoyance . Gauri claims the psychiatrist suggested she would stop missing her baby if she distracted herself with a pet.

Yug warns her to keep the dog away from the baby .

Vishwa and Purohit are led to nandu’s house by a local boy . Manjari notices this and rushes home to inform kali about Vishwa and Purohit’s investigations , they are scared they might discover Kali had lost her own child and this Naina was not her own .they both get worried .

At home Gauri feeds the dog named Rocky , she decides to make him attack baby Naina. She carries a baby’s frock as bait. But her collision with the servant results in getting the frock getting exchanged with her own Trousers
The god rocky gets madly aggressive and attacks Gauri Tears her saree and she runs into the bathroom to save herself . She asks the dog trainer to help her out of this situation . Next she gets many baby clothes belonging to Naina but the dog seems not interested. Gauri uses some paste to get rocky to attack Naina .

Precap for tomorrow
Kali is horrified to see Baby Naina missing she gathers the entire family and all start searching , Kali comes across the leach of the dog, who was not seen too she wonders if the dog had carried the baby away ?

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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