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Kaala Teeka 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Yug says we are taking Kali to the cliff she sees in the dream. Vishwa says you can go but do pooja right now. Yug says it won’t take long. And it might be true that someone shoved her. If she recalls who that was can get that man arrested. Manjiri says he is right. They leave. prohit says Vishwa stop them. Vishwa says stop everyone what are you all doing? For just a dream you are all so worried. Chulbuli says she sees the same dream every day. Vishwa says what will you get? Leela says for once clear this out. Let’s go. Vishwa throws a stone at a honey bee comb and they all start hovering over them. prohit says come here. Run from here. They all go inside the house.


Kali is running inside the house with Naina. She is about to slip, Yug holds her. Gauri sees them. The bees come inside as well. Kali goes in her room and locks the door and windows. She hears everyone screaming outside. kali sees there are so many bees in the hall. Kali saves them all by bringing them to her room. Kali says where is Yug. Kali goes out and takes Yug out. Kali takes him room as well. Leela says where is Vishwa? Vishwa is hidden under a couch. Kali sees him all surrounded by bees.
Kali goes out with fire. She brings Vishwa to room as well. He has been stung. Yug says Kali have been stung too. Please apply the cream on her too. Kali says that is not needed. Gauri says in heart her memory should come back or she will get Yug. Gauri says we will go to cliff today. Vishwa says whats the hurry? Gauri says I see nightmares as well. Kali tried to kill my child. I can only punish her when she recalls her memory. So we have to go to that cliff. Lets go. Prohit says but there are bees outside. Gauri says they are all gone. We are going to the cliff.

Scene 2
Kali comes to the cliff. Yug says tell us Kali what happened that day. Gauri says try to recall. You tried suicide from this spot. Kali recalls Vishwa shoving her. Gauri says you were guilty because you tried to kill my child. Accept your crime so we can all punish you. Kali starts crying. Kali faints. Yug and Manjiri hold her. Yug says what happened to you Kali. Vishwa says in heart is she fainted because she recalled everything? Vishwa says lets take her home. Yug says we should take her to hospital. Vishwa says we will call the doctor home.

At home, kali says to Manjiri Vishwa was so scared. Manjiri says we have to take advantage of that fear. Yug and Ma ji asked about you, i said you are still fainted. Vishwa would come to ask about you as well. Vishwa peeks in. Kali sees him. Kali says Manji maa I told you bady papa tried to kill me. He will try doing this again. Please listen to me he shoved me. Manjiri slaps her and says how dare you acusse my husband with something like that. you should have thought 100 times. Why should I trust you? Truth is in front of me. Kali says I am not lying. Manjiri says he got you married to Yug. When you were blamed of killing Gaurii’s child he saved you. He was there for you. Kali says that was all drama. Manjiri says you are putting allegations on someone like him. Shame on you. Kali faints again. Vishwa says thank you believing me. Manjiri says dont’ say that. I am supporting the truth. It takes time to get to know the truth and we don’t know that. What if she says all that in front of the family. And what if they believe her? Vishwa says what should we do in a situation like this. Manjiri says there is one solution. Deal? vishwa says what deal? Manjiri says hope in return of silence? We will give her hope and buy her silence so she doesn’t say anything to anyone. Vishwa says would she agree? Manjiri says we will make her. Everyone knows her mental stability, who would trust her? Vishwa says as you say.
Vishwa says in heart I want some time. So I clean all the proofs of my crime. Manjiri says Kali wake up. Vishwa leaves.

Gauri says to Leela kick that Kali out of this house. Vishwa says Kali won’t go anywhere. She will live here like a family member unless her memory is back.
Kali hugs and kisses Naina.

Precap-gauri collides her car with a shooting set. She comes out and says I am sorry. The man says don’t come here. This dog is really aggressive. He almost killed his master’s child. Gauri asks how old was the child? He says three years. Gauri says if he almost killed a three year old. A one month baby would be nothing for him to kill. He will eat her.

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