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Kaala Teeka 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Kali scares Prohit he comes running to Prohit and says Kali is there at the window. Vishwa says how is that possible? Vishwa says she is no where. Prohit says I saw her here. Vishwa says lets go. They are doing another trick, Nandu throws a bone at them. Prohit says I think we should call Kali’s soul and ask her how she died and where is her body.


Vishwa lits candles and says Kali’s soul we know you are near. Come here and tell us how you died and where is your body? Kali levitates in front of them. Nandu holds her by rope. Vishwa asks how you died? And where is your body? Kali says you sent your men to kill me. You tried killing me. Vishwa says no I didn’t. Kali says tell me what you did to me. My ghost will haunt you now. Tell me how you killed me. Vishwa says I tried but I couldn’t kill you. I never killed you. I shoved you from the cliff and you lost your baby and stayed in coma. The rope is breaking. Kali says tell me how you killed me. Kali is about to fall, Nandu holds her. Vishwa and Prohit are dazed. Vishwa says so it was drama of you three. I won’t leave you. Lights turn on. Leela Gauri and Yug come there. Yug says you shoved Kali from cliff? Answer me? Prohit says Yug you have a misunderstanding. Yug says does this silence mean yes? All the way I kept thinking why Pishima called me here with everyone, she wanted to expose you. She wanted to tell us truth. Manjiri says this is truth. He shoved Kali. He can’t say anything now.

Yug punches him and says I won’t ever forgive you. Vishwa withholds his hand. Vishwa says that’s not complete truth. Vishwa says yes I shoved her, this is truth. There was no other option. I did everything for her. I got her married to you, when Gauri wanted. When she was accused of killing an unborn I supported her. And that suicide note that she wrote was to fool you all. I asked her not ruin Gauri’s life. What could I do? I shoved her. Any father would do that. Manjiri says he is lying. Vishwa says Manjiri you are so innocent and she takes advantage of it. Kali says you are taking advantage of everyone’s trust. Kali says Yug I was fooled. I was waiting for Gauri’s child so I can bring her up. Leela says what about the letter you wrote? Kali says he asked me to write that note. He said that doing this would make Yug bring me back. I tried saying no, Vishwa says an you agreed? Kali says trusting you was my biggest mistake. I thought you have changed but I was wrong you were just pretending and in that letter I just wrote I can’t live without you. He added the next two lines. Vishwa says she is lying. Manjiri says that is truth. I saw that suicide note. The ink used was of the pen vishwa always keeps. When I asked him, he said he forgot that pen home.
Kali says hand writing expert has that letter and we will get the reports tomorrow. Manjiri says you were in shanti kunj right? No. You were shoving kali at that time. And if you asked Prohit to lie that means you shoved Kali on purpose. Leela says I can’t believe you can do this to someone you called daughter? nandu says he has always been her enemy when she gained consciousness she told me. He came to my place and harrased my mom. Vishwa says why you give him attention? Yug says because he is saying truth.

Vishwa says why are you forgetting she tried killing your child i got mad. Kali says this was all your planning and it started when this gauri came home and started saying she is pregnant and badky papa helped her. He knew I was pregnant. He tried killing me. Gauri says now when everyone knows that papa tried killing you then why are you defending yourself? You tried killing my child. Vishwa says you tried killing her baby. Leela says even if we agree to all this we can’t deny that fact that you tried hiding truth. Kali says stop it you all my papa is not a sinner. He did that all for me. Yug says for me he is a sinner and I will call police. Gauri says no Yug you won’t do that. Vishwa says Gauri let him call. Why are you forgetting that every brick in your house is named after me its my property and so is your business. You all are on my money. If you try getting me arrested you would all be on road. Kali says you want to make them your slaves? Manjiri says Yug don’t be scared of him. He is a criminal. Yug says dadi do you think is it right for us to be under him? Nandu says you can’t go to police but I can. Vishwa says go go.. Nandu says I am going.. He looks at the chandelier falling on Kali. Kali is all injured.

Precap-Yug and Nandu take Kali out of the chandelier. Gauri says if she is alive will yug’s heart melt? Vishwa if she is alive then..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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