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Kaala Teeka 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Manjiri points the trishun at Vishwa. Yug says calm down Pishi ma. We will find Kali and Naina. Kali says if in 12 years I don’t find them both I swear I won’t leave anyone.
Vishwa’s men bury someone. Vishwa comes and ask I didn’t ask you to bury them. He says that is not Kali, they are so other target. Kali says then where are Naina and Kali? Prohit says did Nandu do this?


Police hits Nandu and asks where is she? Nandu says ask that badky papa. He must have done this. Ama says he has been home please don’t hit him. Yug gets a call from Vishwa, he says I am at Nandu’s place. Vishwa says my man told me Kali was seen at bus stop. Yuh says oh.. He asks inspector to leave Nandu. Nandu says i told you.

Inspector sees a cloth tugged out of car, he asks Yug to open its back. Yug opens the back, there are clothes with blood stains.
Kali sees out and says sorry manji ma I had to do this without telling you so badky papa accepts his crime. Inspector arrests Vishwa as its his car. Yug says this is a plot. Manjiri sees the blooded clothes. Manjiri says where is my kali? Where is my Naina. Inspector says to Vishwa you said your man saw Kali at bus station. Vishwa says yeah someone called me. His name is lakhna. Inspector says call him. Vishwa says when he called he said his battery is about to die. When I tried calling afterwards his phone was off. Inspector says give me your phone. Inspector says inform us by the morning otherwise we will have to arrest you.
Manjiri sits there and says I feel so helpless. Where are my Kali and Naina. Kali looks at her.

Scene 2
Vishwa says to Prohit why you said you will bring that man? Prohit says I had to otherwise he would have arrested you. You started the mistake. VIshwa says how will we know Kali is alive or dead. Prohit says think of something.
Kali texts Manjiri. Manjiri comes to store. Manjiri says that blood, Kali says this was the last option I had. You had slept so I had to do it alone. She tels Manjiri how she planned and executed everything.

Leela is praying. Manjiri and Kali try sneaking out of back door. When they come there Nandu is there. Nandu says you are fine? SHe says yes I have to go from here. Nandu says that badky papa is so scary. I will come with you. Kali says okay lets go. They all run from there.

At night, Vishwa and Prohit are doing magic to know Kali is alive or not. Manjiri turns off the fuse. Vishwa places a dia in water and says if it drowns it means Kali is dead. There is blood dripping from roof. Manjiri and Kali are doing this. The dia drowns. Vishwa says this means Kali died. we have to know where her body is. Lets do another magic trick.

Leela says where is Mukta? Did she tell you anything Yug? Gauri says she must be looking for her daughter. Kali ran away because she couldn’t prove anything.
Vishwa says this will navigate us where Kali’s body is. Nandu uses a fan to change its direction. Vishwa and Prohit follow the direction. Prohit says I am scared. Prohit says Kali’s ghost there. He is scared.

Precap-Vishwa and Prohit try to call Kali’s soul. Vishwa says tell us how you died and where is your body. Kali hangs in front of them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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