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Kaala Teeka 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Kali shows Manjiri the phone and says this is the one in which I received the messages. Manjiri says turn it on, so we can know who is behind it. Kali says its not turning on. How would we know now.
Vishwa says to Prohit I was doing everything from behind the curtain but I will hunt in my jungle openly now. Prohit says what are you planning? Vishwa tells him the plan and says when the plan is done you and your men will have to handle the rest. Prohit says don’t worry. Vishwa says there shouldn’t be any mistake this time.

Leela says every preparation is done. The pooja starts. Leela says to Gauri sing a bhajan.. Gauri says what? Leela says nevermind Kali can you sing? Kali sings a bhajan. vishwa says bring the Tulsi das and give it to everyone. Everyone takes the drink and drinks it. Suddenly Naina starts crying. Kali leaves her drink and tries to pick up Naina. Vishwa says drink the tulsi das we are late for pooja. Kali says she peed. I have to change her. Yug says I will come to help as well. They both go to change her clothes. Vishwa says pooja is being delayed. Leela says they will come. They come back. Manjiri says won’t you drink. Naina’s hand spills the Tulsi das. Kali doesn’t tell anyone and drinks the remaining. The pooja starts. Everyone holds their heads. Everyone faints including Kali. Vishwa picks up Naina from next to her. Vishwa says you wanted to become my Kaal? Now see you will go to Kaal yourself. I should have done this before but I am doing it now. He shoves her up in the air. Kali opens her eyes and saves Naina. Vishwa is dazed. Kali says it was you. You wanted to kill my baby? Why do you wanna kill these babies. Vishwa says this baby is my Kaal. She is the message of my death. Kali says just because of your superstition you wanted to kill your daughter’s daughter? You shoved me for that daughter and killed my unborn baby. You tried kill her child? This won’t happen. I will protect these babies. I will expose you. Vishwa says really? Everyone is fainted here. Vishwa says they won’t wake up. Kali tries to wake them up. Vishwa says even if they do I will mold it in a way that you will accused for everything. This house is my property. No Kali with motherhood and Ram can move a single brick of it. Kali screams Manji ma Yug.. Kali tries to wake up everyone. Vishwa hits a glass on her head. Kali faints. Vishwa locks Kali in the car.
He takes Naina out, Nandu is there with an axe. Vishwa says you came again? Nandu shows him the axe and throws it at Vishwa. He misses it. Vishwa says you can’t save them both this time. Nandu says I will save my bride no matter what. Vishwa sits in the car and hits Nandu with it. Vishwa drives towards the cliff. Nandu hangs with the car. Vishwa drifts so Nandu slips but Nandu doesn’t lose his grip. Vishwa hitsthe car and Nandu falls. Vishwa takes the car towards the cliff. Vishwa makes Kali sit on the driving seat. He shoves the car from back. The car is not moving.

Precap-Vishwa hits Nandy. Nandu hits Vishwa back. The entire family comes there. Nandu says don’t save him, he is a devil.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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