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Kaala Teeka 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Vishwa breaks the door. He comes in. Kali is on the floor. Sharmila and Manjiri pick Kali up. Leela takes the baby. She sneaks out. Kali says Naina.. dadi stop. Kali runs after them.
Leela comes to Gauri’s room Gauri she is hungry feed her. gauri says ramu will bring the feeder. Leela says not bottle’s, yours. Gauri says I won’t feed Kali with my daughter. Kali comes in and says dadi give me my daughter. She is hungry let me feed her. Vishwa says how will you feed her? From this bottle. Leela says wow. Manjiri says she was in come her condition wasn’t okay so she couldn’t feed her. Leela says this girl doesn’t deserve to be a mother. A baby needs a mother’s milk. If you can’t feed her Gauri will. Gauri says in heart I should take advantage of this situation. Gauri says I am her aunt, I will feed her. Kali says my Naina won’t drink Gauri’s milk. Leela takes her out and shoves her.


Gauri screams. Leela asks what happened? Gauri says this baby hurt me. The baby is looking at Vishwa. A chanelier falls on his shoulder. Gauri runs and says papa. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Manjiri picks the baby and says Kali take her to kitchen and feed her. Kali sees the kitchen is locked. She says how do I feed Naina now. My daughter is so hungry.

Doctor checks Vishwa and says I have given injetion. you will be fine. Vishwa says where are Kali and Naina? Kali is praying God my daughter is hungry polease do something. Kali sees the cows outside. Kali says thank you God. Kali goes outside and takes the milk from the cow and feeds Naina. Manjiri sees her. Everyone else comes outside as well and see Kali feeding the baby from cow milk. Manjiri says what you all are seeing is the power of true motherhood. Would you still say Vishwa my Kali is irresponsible?
Kali hugs Naina.

Kali comes to her room. Manjiri says Kali milk. Kali is packing her stuff. Kali says I am leaving. I was going to die but God gave me one reason to live. I almost lost her yesterday. Manjiri says Kali Naina is fine. God has saved her. Kali says for once, this will happen again and again. I can’t lose her. That is why I have to leave this house. I am leaving this house.
Manjiri says finding this girl is God’s blessing and the way you found each other. God has connected you two with each other forever. You have to bring her up now. I won’t force you to stay but I know even if you leave, your troubles won’t be sorted. I love you more than my life. I would suggest you that you get this baby her right. Get your lost love back. Get the right of being daughter in law of this house back.

Scene 2
Gauri says to Yug you don’t care about my daughter. Yug says we are trying. Finding her without a photo is not easy. And Naina is my daughter as well. Whats wrong in accepting her. Gauri says impossible. Yug says but you are a mother as well. Gauri says that doesn’t mean I will accept Kali’s daughter.

Kali is playing with Naina. Leela comes in and says Naina took a shower? Let me take her in sunlight. Kali says I had to wash mu clothes can you take care of Naina till then? Leela says yes yes I will. Kali is washing her clothes. Leela is playing and talking to Naina. Leela says you look like your papa. Let me show you his childhood clothes.

Vishwa says on call its 25 lacs loss. this is all because of her. My Kaal is alive. Manjiri comes in and says Kaal? Who is your Kaal? Vishwa says I am talking about bad times. Manjiri says right time is about to start. Kali is back and a daughter too. Chulbuli comes in and says yes nothing is more important than family. What is all this money for when there is no family. Manjiri says to Vishwa come with me I am going to temple. Yug says i am coming as well.
Gauri says in heart Yug and Manjiri are leaving. Who will save your daughter from me now Kali.

Manjiri comes to temple. Vishwa says you know about this temple, people who have sinned can not enter this temple. Yug says I won’t give in I might have done sins. but you should take bady papa. He has done no sins. Vishwa’s feet are shaking. Manjiri says what happened? Only sinners should tremble here. Not pious people like you.

Gauri comes to room and sees burning coals. Kali is washing her clothes. Gauri sees the baby and says you are having fun? See what I do. When you fall on this burning coal this smile would fade away. Gauri picks the baby and is about to burn her.

Precap-Kali comes out of washroom. Yug says this is too careless dadi. who places coals near a child. You have done a mistake that I feel like you have never had a child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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