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Kaala Teeka 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Everyone is doing pooja with Naina. Kali is there as well. They feed the cow. Gauri ties Naina’s stroller with the cow. She makes Leela trip and the arti plate falls on the cow. The cow screams with pain and runs towards the river. Gauri says good bye Naina. Everyone runs after Naina but the cow takes the stroller in the water. Yug runs towards the water. Chulbuli says wait Yug there are crocodiles in the water. A crocodile shows up on water surface. Everyne is scared. Naina’s stroller is drowning. The crocodile is near it. Leela says to Yug you won’t go in the water. Kali says please save my daughter. Yug jumps in the water. The crocodile is near him. The crocodile takes down the stroller but Naina is floating out of it. Yug sees Naina in the water near the crocodile.


The crocodile is about to eat Naina. It opens its mouth but someone places a wide wood in its mouth. Its Nandu. Nandu fights the crocodile while Yug takes Naina out of water. Everyone is scared.
Yug comes out. Leela hugs him and says are you okay? Raghu says who was that? Why he helped us? Yug says he is some Ram. He has helped us so many times before.

Nandu’s ma dresses his wound. Amma says you do one thing every day. I was so scared. You friend told me. Nandu says i was there, the baby girl was in trouble. You told me the story where the hero fought the crocodile. Amma says let’s go to the doctor. You are so hurt. Nandu looks at Kali and family and says Nandu’s bride. Isn’t she? Amma says no she is not. Let’s go. Your hand is bleeding. Kali says in heart you are doing favors after favors on me. How will I repay them? Chulbuli says he did a miracle. This happens in movies only. Kali says he gave Naina a new life. Kali hides her face from pandit ji.
Pandit ji says I saw same miracle. It was raining. A baby girl was in a basket in the river. And them someone.. Manjiri cuts him off and says we should put parsad in temple for Naina.

Scene 2
Kali says to Naina what if something had happened to you? What would I say to Yug and Gauri? Now sleep. Kali says what happened Manji maa? Manjiri says the way Leela stopped yug from saving Naina, I wonder if she is involved in missing of Gauri’s baby? Kali says why would she? Manjiri says I feel like it.
Sharmila says God saved our daughter. Vishwa says what happened? Manjiri tells him entire story. Manjiri says pandit ji said that someone left a baby in basket some days ago. A girl saved her from the river.

Kali is playing with Naina. yug takes her and plays with her. Yug says she has started recognizing me. Gauri says give her to me Yug? Yug says I thought you were not interested in her. Gauri says no. She takes Naina. Naina starts crying. Kali says I shouldn’t go. I can’t go between Yug and Gauri.
Yug takes Naina from Gauri. Gauri says let me call Kali.
Gauri comes and says Kali Naina is crying. Go to her. I will bring milk for her.
Yug says I think she is not used to me. She is mama’s girl. You take her. She will sleep with you only. Kali takes Naina.
Kali says Naina doesn’t wanna sleep with papa? Let’s go.
Gauri has attached a current wire to Naina’s cradle.
Kali comes in and places Naina in the cradle. Kali says why are you not sleeping Naina? Naina is about to touch the wire.

Precap-Naina’s hand is close to the wire. she is about to touch it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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