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Kaala Teeka 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Nandu says her badky papa deceived her. If you know him let us know. I will not leave him. Vishwa says how would we know? Nandu says if you do tell me. Vishwa says Kali told you all this? Amma says she told all this to Nandu when she gained consciousness. She was in coma for seven months. Nandu took her home as well. She lost her unborn baby.
Manjiri says to Kali I have talked to the doctor, she is making your memory loss report and Naina’s birth certificate. Even if Vishwa does anything he can’t prove anything. Kali says that’s very good. Kali says after what happened with Naina today.. Manjiri says what happened? Kali tells her Nandu took Naina from her and ran.
Prohit says Vishwa what are you thinking? Vishwa says who thought that Kali could play this game. what a story what an acting. Prohit says maybe someone else is writing the story. Manjiri.. Vishwa says no no she is a fool. If I threaten to leave her she starts crying. She can’t do this. This is Kali’s plan. She forgot that who I am. Now see how I turn the events and expose the truth.


Yug comes to room it’s all decorated. Yug says what is all this Gauri? Gauri comes close to him. She takes off his shirt. Yug says you are tired. You should sleep. I will book tickets we will go on a holiday. Gauri puts finger ojn his lips and says I really love you. Please. She caresses his face and says don’t ever leave me. Gauri shoves Yug on bed and comes close to him. Yug says Gauri someone would come. Vishwa says Yug, Gauri Kali everyone come here. gauri sits down. Yug says let me go and check. He goes out of room. Gauri says papa always ruin the moments. But why is he calling everyone?
Everyone comes downstairs. Leela says what is it? Vishwa says it has to be told. Vishwa suddenly falls on the floor. Everyone comes and asks what happened? Vishwa is bleeding from mouth. They call the doctor.
Doctor says he has to stay quite for some days or his stitches out be torn. yug says we will make sure. Doctor leaves.
Vishwa says in heart I can write the truth but that won’t be fun way of kicking you out.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kali is playing with Naina. Kali says my Naina will bathe now. Will play with the bubbles. Yug comes in and says actually I have decided I will spend a lot of time Naina from now on. I will bathe her. Kali says better be happy with the time you are spending with her? Don’t expect more. Yug says she is my daughter too. Kali says she is solely my daughter. I don’t wanna say anything else. Yug leaves in anger.
Kali says sorry Naina. Let me go check the water. Kali goes to washroom. Yug comes in and plays with naina. He says hello my doll. Today papa will bathe Naina. He picks her up and takes her out.
Manjiri sees him taking her out and says Yug if you think you have a right on her you don’t have to steal her. Convince Kali that you have right on her too. Yug says you are right. I shouldn’t steal moments with her. He gives Naina to Manjiri. Manjiri goes to temple.
Kali comes out and sees Naina is not there. He asks kaka, kaka says Yug took her.

Kali comes to Yug’s room but he is not there. She knocks the washroom door and says you have no right on Naina Yug. Give me my Naina back. He sari gets stuck in fan. Yug comes out of washroom topless and helps her. Kali falls on him. Gauri comes in and sees them. Yug says are you okay? Kali says yes. Gauri says no you both are not okay. What is going on here between you two? Kali says you are getting it wrong. GAuri says i didn’t know you would stoop so low. Papa and dadi will decide your fate now. She takes her downstairs. Kali says my sari was stuck. Please listen to me. Leela says what is happening? Gauri says she is trying to take my husband from me. kali says my everything is Naina. I dont’ want anyone else. Gauri says I have been observing you. She was in Yug’s washroom. Yug says stop it Gauri. Don’t talk when you don’t know anything. She came there because she thought Naina’s with me. Gauri says she takes advantage of your innocence. She is using her baby. Kali says enough.
Vishwa says how do you do all this acting? How can you love someone else’ child? Leela says what are you saying? this is Kali and Yug’s baby. Vishwa says I can see it from here. You are sitting far away. Go look in her eyes and see the lie. Kali says it doesn’t mean anything to me. naian is my child. I dont’ care if you agree or not. Vishwa says it does matter. Prohit ji come in. prohit comes in with Amma. Raghu says who is this? Vishwa says she is the one who will break someone’s ego. tell them what you told us. Amma says I said that Kali lost her baby. Everyone is dazed. Leela says what.

Precap-Amma says Kali lost her baby, in the festival. Vishwa says what are you saying? You never said in festival. Vishwa says Kali swear on Manjiri’s head that this is your and yug’s child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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