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Just us – Swasan 25

Wait what? This is the 25h episode, I can’t believe it. You guys supported this ff so much and thank you so much for that. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love that you showered to this ff. I am really thankful and thank you so much for the comments on the previous episode. Now, I will stop my chit-chat and start with the next chapter.. I hope you guys like this ?

The next day, Swara went to work and as usual, did her work. Sanskar was not in office as he had an urgent meeting somewhere so she was alone in the office.
Swara: I don’t know when he will come. I am missing him so badly; I hope he just comes back now.
At that time, she thought to call him. She dialed his number but canceled it thinking that he might be busy in his meeting. She didn’t meet him the whole day and in the evening, she went to her house back. She had a feeling that something is going wrong. She didn’t know why she is feeling so weird. She finally thought to call Sanskar to check if he is okay? Swara dialed his number and he picked the phone.

Sanskar: Hi, Swara. What’s up?
Swara: Are you okay?
Sanskar: Yeah, I am fine. Why?
Swara: Nothing, I am having this weird feeling that something is not right.
Sanskar: My tension queen, everything is fine. Where are you right now?
Swara: I am in the middle of road.
Sanskar: Are you driving?
Swara: Do I look stupid to you? I parked my car on the side.
Sanskar: Go back home safely and call me when you get there.
Swara: Now, who is taking tension?
Sanskar: It’s not safe to park the car on the side of the road in the dark.
Swara: Ok, I am going. Bye.
She reached home and rung the doorbell. Kaka opened the door and she got confused to hear noises from the living room. She went inside hurriedly and was shocked at the scene.
That man, Shekher, was sitting on the couch and Sumi was dressing his wounds while Nani and Nana ji were looking at her. Ragini looked really happy and her happiness doubled when she saw Swara standing behind the couch.
Ragini: Look didi, who is here? Our dad didi, our dad.
Everyone turned to look at Swara while Swara was giving angry and disgusting glares to Shekher and Sumi.

Sumi: Beta, I can explain.
Shekher: Sumi, is she our older daughter?
Sumi nodded her head, which made Shekher happier. Swara didn’t know what to say but finally she got some courage to speak. Ragini was jumping in excitement while Nani and Nana ji didn’t know how to react.
Swara yelled: Ragini, stop whatever you are doing. Maa, what is he doing here?
Ragini got tears in her eyes: Didi, he is our dad.
Swara: Don’t interfere, Ragini. Maa, I am asking you something. What is this man doing in our house?
Swara was really mad and Nani came forward to calm her down but she stopped her by putting her hand in between.
Sumi: He is your dad. Talk with some respect.
Swara: I don’t care. I want an answer.
Sumi: He is going to live in this house with us.
Swara got tears in her eyes and she didn’t understand how come Sumi forgive him so easily? How come she forgot everything that he did with her?
Swara: Are you out of your mind? Who is he to live in our house?
Shekher was about to speak something but Swara cut him in between.
Swara: You lost your right on me on the day you left us so it’s better not to speak in our family matters.
Sumi yelled: SWARA, he is our family.

Swara: No mom, he is not. Did you forget what he did to you and us? He left us all alone in between crisis and now he is back to snatch everything from us again.
Shekher: No beta, I came back for you guys.
Swara: Mr. Shekher Mehta, I am not speaking to you.
Sumi: Swara, is this the way to speak to your father?
Swara: He is not my dad; did I make myself clear enough?
Sumi: And I also made it clear that he will live with us in the same house.
Swara: Maa, how did you forget everything so easily?
Sumi was crying: Beta, I didn’t forget anything. I am just fed up of living in the past, don’t you think we should move on. He is here for us and he also asked for apology to everyone.
Swara: He is just doing a drama to please everyone and eventually, he will leave again by getting our property.
Sumi raised her hand on her and slapped her. Everyone was shocked and Swara put her hands on the cheek that just got slapped. Sumi put her hand on her mouth and started crying. She collapsed on the floor and Swara just stood there shocked.
Shekher: Sumi, I think I should go. I don’t want to create any problems in your life again.
Swara: No Mr. Shekher Mehta, you already created problems.

Precap – I don’t know and I am really sorry that I never give a precap but I am just going with the flow. PLease bare me and comment. Tell me if you guys liked this episode

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