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Just One Chance-SS (Chapter 1)

Hello my lovely people!! How are you all?! I’m sleeping like hell these days…. Migraine…. Bad time…. I at times hate the turns my life takes….

Thank you all for all your responses to the prologue…. Love you all so much!! Keep supporting me throughout….


Now to the story…. ummm…. nothing…. as usual…. please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors….

Happy reading ??


It was a bright sunny morning. A delicate figure seen sleeping on the bed. No. Not one. But, three. The three Mishra sisters. Samaira, Radhika and Tara. Three of them hugging each other, legs on each other’s body. Suddenly the door opened with a bang. Piyali and Mala came in frowning looking at their daughters sleeping like khumbkarnis. Piyali opened the curtains and Mala pulled their blankets at the same time. The sisters scowled and cursed as they squeezed their eyes tight, hugging each other even more tight. Just then Dilip and Samrat entered. Piyali motioned Samrat and he nodded and went forward. He picked up Tara, his younger daughter. The youngest daughter of the family and walked away with her in his arms. Radhika and Sam scowled even more as they stretched.

“Where is Tara?” asked Radhika who ducked under the pillow.

“Are Chashni sleep. That stupid would have gone to eat ice cream” Sam frowned as she turned around.

“Ice cream?” Radhika sat up “how can she leave us and eat alone? Come on Sammy get up” Radhika shook her up.

“Ok fine. We’ll go eat” said Sam who sat up rubbing her eyes and stretching.

They stretched and got down the bed to see Mala and Piyali along with Dilip watching them. They took their respective phones out and checked the time.

Uh oh.

It was 8 in the morning. Both of them looked at each other and ran in different directions picking up their clothes. Radhika ran to the guest room and Sam to the washroom in the room. Mala and Piyali high fived each other and laughed. Dilip rolled his eyes at his wife and sister in law’s nature and walked out. Sam and Radhika came out after a quick shower. Sam and Radhika looked for Tara.

“She has no college. She’s sleeping” Samrat patted Radhika and Sam’s head as he sat down for breakfast.

“She didn’t tell us” Sam pouted.

“We asked her not to” said Mala who csnr our with parathas.

“Seriously choti maa!! Why?” asked Sam.

“Else you’ll sleep. Who’ll go to office then?” spoke Piyali.

“Damn. Can’t we take a day’s leave?” pouted Radhika.

“No. Enough of bunking. You’re no kids” said Dilip who put down his morning paper.

“Papa you too?” cried Radhika.

“Chote papa!! No” Sam too cried.

“You both are 25. Come on. We know you’re all shrewd girls, but why act like kids. It’s not nice. Understand” Samrat sighed.

“You people are impossible!!” screamed Radhika and Sam in unison.

Both of them left. Sam to Bird Song and Radhika to Sunrisers Publications. It was a top publishing company and Radhika worked as the editor. Sam was a web developer-designer at Bird Song. Both of the sister were highly appreciated for their talent and hard work. Tata was a twenty year old bubbly college going girl.


A handsome man in his late twenties was seen jogging back home. He could make any girl go on knees with his looks. Especially in his workout clothes. Loaded in sweat and hair dishevelled. He came back home and was greeted with a scowl.

“Go wake up your baby Arjun” scowled a guy who was the same age as Arjun.

“Jeez Neil, chill. I’m going” Arjun rolled his eyes as he pushed his feet to the room on the right hand corner upstairs.

“Princess wake up” cooed Arjun.

“Bhai five minutes. Please” she pleaded.

“No Shaina. Get up. I’ve bought ice cream” Arjun smiled.

“Ice cream?! Seriously bhai?!” squealed Shaina aa she hugged her brother tight.

“Yes my doll. Now go. Brush up and come. Your favourite butterscotch waiting” he smiled.

“No I’ll clean up properly. Else Neil will kill me” she pouted.

“Ok fine. Come soon. I’ll get ready by then” he smiled.

“Ok” she grinned and ran grabbing her things.

Arjun smiled nodding his head at his 20 year old cousin’s impossible nature. He went and took a quick shower and got ready in his expensive tuxedo.

Duh. The Greek God he is. Extra charm. The tux fit so perfectly it showed all his muscles and abs perfectly. The fact that makes every girl go jelly and which Arjun loved. Girls were ready to throw themselves over him. He was the “Bad Boy” of the business world. A hard core playboy. But was the most loveable son and brother. He loved the ladies who ruled his life To death. To his mom Menaka, he was the best son though he was a playboy. It was a black mark to the family, but it was brushed off as they were too powerful. Money plays. And he was the best brother to his princess Shaina.

He made a call “what’s the schedule today Anisha?” he clipped.

“Good morning Arjun” came a seductive voice.

Arjun rolled his eyes. He hated her for this. But she was still.in his company as his Personal Assistant just because she was dedicated to her work. He sighed and spoke further.

“Good morning. Now please brief me on today’s schedule” he spoke softly.

“Nothing much today. You have to sign the pending files and a board meeting” she replied.

“Okay. I’ll be a little late. Will be dropping Shaina to college” he said.

“Ok. See you. Bye” she said.

“Bye” he said as he hung up on the phone.

He went to the dining room and found Shaina waiting for him. Neil was already busy eating. He smiled at her and they started to eat. Shaina had her big share of butterscotch ice cream as promised and Neil frowned.

“Dolly, you’ll really turn into Dolly Bindra if you eat like that” Neil mocked.

“I’m not controversial like her” snapped Shaina “shut the f**k up Neil” she snapped again.

“I’m just concerned about your weight” he sighed.

“Oh. I’m a showpiece right? Girls from the business family are supposed to look beautiful with perfect structure isn’t it? We’ll be the reason for the profit and advancement in your business. So, I have to maintain my body and looks don’t I?” Shaina screamed.

“Shaani no” cooed Neil.

He was guilty of what he had said. But she said was true. Girls were a bridge between companies through marriage. But he and Arjun would never let that happen to Shaina. Why wasn’t she understanding that?

“We’ll never let that happen to you Shaina. Do you get that?” spoke Arjun seriously.

“But Papa is thinking to get me betrothed to the Singhanias. Don’t tell you all don’t know. You never thought of telling me” she sighed.

“We’re sorry. We were forced to not tell” Neil sighed.

“Oh. So you guys really don’t care about me? It’s all a show” screamed Shaina as she threw her hands up in the air.

“No Shaani” said Neil.

“Can we move?” snapped Shaina as she got up to leave.

Arjun sighed and got up from the table and followed her. He tried hard to make a conversion, but couldn’t. She was too angry. It was not right to talk to her now. Both of them didn’t utter a word till they reached her college. She got off and walked away even without saying a bye. Arjun sighed as he saw her walk away and banged his hands to the steering wheel and drove off.

That’s all for today…. Hope you all liked it… please do let me know… will be back soon.. till then tata babaye.. love you all loads… tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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