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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Arjun, Nora and Salman perform on Deva shri Ganesha. Manish welcomes everyone in the show. Govinda graces the show. He performs on his medley songs along with the contestants. Manish tells about Karan Johar suffering from illness and admitted in hospital. Govinda is welcomes as the guest judge. Manish tells about celebs dancing on Bollywood magical pairings’ songs today. He gives the shocking news of double elimination today.


1. Helly Shah with her choreo partner Jai Kumar Nair
Magical pairing: Sridevi and Jeetendra
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Nainon Mein Sapna from the movie Himmatwala……..

Judges’ Comments:

Jacqueline: We all know your journey was not easy, you always fight back,

that’s what Jhalak means, you did justice with iconic pairing, you have become dancer Helly.

Ganesh: Jai you have to put energy in choreography, I felt it was low, but you were really good.
Govinda: It was not easy song, strugglers used to dance on this song, you looked good Helly, I liked it overall.
Scores: Ganesh 7, Jacqueline 8, Govinda 9. Total 24.

2. Karishma with Rajit
Magical Pairing : Raveena and Akshay Kumar
They dance on the song Tip tip barsa pani………….from the movie Mohra.

Judges’ Comments:

Ganesh: Karishma there is no doubt you are a great dancer, you looked a big star performing, it was well executed performance.
Jacqueline: Karishma was sizzling and danced so well, Raveena and Akshay showed sizzling chemistry, you were on par and did full justice, you have proved you are good dancer and very s*xy.
Govinda: I have seen same fire in Karishma which Raveena had, it should be there, I liked it a lot.

Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 10, Govinda 9. Total 28.

3. Nora Fatehi and Cornel Rodrigues
Magical Pairing: Salman Khan and Katrina
Dance Form: Freestyle Belly Dance
They dance on the song Mashallah….. from the movie Ek Tha Tiger.

Judges’ Comments:

Jacqueline: Nora you are so hot, Govinda said this is dance… You have killed it, your chemistry with Cornel is best, this episode of perfect Jodi is really good for you, Cornel perfect choreography, Nora’s belly dancing was better than Katrina.
Ganesh: Nora you killed it, your solo section of belly dancing was too good.
Govinda: This is called Noor, when words are not needed to express.

Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 9, Govinda 9. Total 27.

4. Shantanu Maheshwari with Alisha
Magical Pairing: Govinda and Karishma
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on Govinda’s medley songs, Sarkai Lo Khatiya from the movie Raja Babu, Husn Hai Suhana from the movie Coolie. No 1.

Judges’ Comments:

Govinda : You guys did a blast, you have much energy, work on your personality, this is tough to do all this in one take.
Jacqueline: Outstanding performance, you nailed it, what expressions you gave, you are such a cutie.
Ganesh: There was good energy, you did not leave Govinda’s flavor, this was Shantanu’s one of the best performances.

Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 9, Govinda 8. Total 26.

5. Salman Yousuf Khan with choreo partner Aishwarya
Magical Pairing: Amitabh and Rekha
Dance Form: Swing.
They dance on Rang Barse Bheega Chunarwali….. from the movie Silsila.

Judges’ Comments:

Ganesh: You have talent his iconic song and took swing dance form, I felt it started bothering the song, it missed the feeling.
Jacqueline: We give critical judgments with you, you don’t take granted that you are a great dancer, you did full justice and made this performance iconic, you were amazing.
Govinda: Salman I have seen your dance when you started, you have Khan personality, I feel Kathak goes well with this song, the swing did not look good with this song, you are very talented and this dance did not show talent.
Scores: Ganesh 8, Jacqueline 9, Govinda 9. Total 26.

6. Siddhant with choreo partner Afiya
Magical Pairing: SRK and Kajol
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Suraj hua Maddham ………….from the move Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Judges’ Comments:

Jacqueline: I was waiting to see who will play SRK and Kajol, I m glad you chose this song, there is always so much magic when Shahrukh and Kajol dance, I wanted to see more dance from Siddhant, it was beautiful to see the romantic side of you as well.
Ganesh: When you take iconic song, there can’t be such mix and breaks, there is nothing magical, I felt you were disconnected with your partner, there is no intensity, it was feel good act.
Govinda: I saw heroism in start, Shahrukh and Kajol did great, its nice to see your attempt.
Scores: Ganesh 7, Jacqueline 7, Govinda 9. Total 23.

7. Surveen Chawla with Sanam
Magical Pairing; Priyanka and Ranbir
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on Itti si hasi…. from the movie Barfi.

Judges’ Comments:

Jacqueline: Surveen you made me cry after performance, you were still in character, I m so proud to be a judge in this show, you are a big star.
Ganesh: Surveen you are being so good week after week, I m thinking what will be your next performance, you break your records, Priyanka is iconic in Barfi, Priyanka will be proud of you, you were exactly like her.
Govinda: I would have gone seeing this act if 9 acts were not there today, it was really a nice act, I cried, its one of the finest performances I have seen.
Scores: Ganesh 10, Jacqueline 10, Govinda 10. Total 30.

8. Shakti Arora with Suchitra
Magical Pairing: Kishore Kumar and Madhubala
Dance Form: Freestyle Broadway
They dance on the song Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si ….. from the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.

Judges’ Comments:

Jacqueline: Shakti’s biggest strength is romance, nice choice of song, you are like Kishore Kumar, that’s fantastic thing to be pulled off.
Ganesh: You took the slow act and taken challenge, I felt expressions were less, it was good act.
Govinda: Kishore had a great personality, even I can’t act like him, you have attempted well.
Scores: Ganesh 8, Jacqueline 8, Govinda 9. Total 25.

9. Arjun Bijlani with Bhavna
Magical Pairing: Ranveer and Deepika
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Laal ishq……. from the movie Ramleela.

Judges’ Comments:

Jacqueline: Arjun I have seen Arjun as handsome and sensuous look, you did full justice, Ranveer will become your fan seeing your performance, it was so good.
Ganesh: I felt it was movie set, this is kind of chemistry that makes an act, it gets a level higher, Arjun is coming in elements, just go higher.
Govinda: You have passion and I felt the love, I liked it, Ranveer and Deepika’s Jodi is great, I liked this act and felt its beyond that picture.
Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 9, Govinda 9. Total 27.

Manish tells about double elimination and seven celebs will be going ahead in maha challenge month. The three celebs is risk zone are Helly, Siddhant and Shakti. He announces the eliminated contestants Siddhant Gupta and Helly Shah.
Most Beautiful moment: Govinda and Jacqueline performing on Makhna song.

Precap: Katrina and Siddharth come on the show. The contestants perform.

Update Credit to: Amena

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