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Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 24)

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EP – 23 : Here

PreCap: Ragini recovers….. Laksh holds his feelings
Its been a week since Ragini’s discharge. Ragini was all healthy and fine. Her stabbing incident took a whole new level of instances in Maheshwari house. Kavya was taken away by her father to Singapore, to avoid all the legal chaos. Even though Laksh freed her from jail, Adharsh bhaiya made her and her father sign clauses , preventing Kavya from coming near Laksh or Ragini. Viren and Omkara was also out of Legal clutches, being the grandsons of DevRaj Maheshwari, But Dadaji made sure that they were punished for creating a situation, were their brother would’ve been harmed They were asked to take their hands off ,from the Maheshwari companies, where they were positioned as Directors. They were pushed back to a lower position under Adharsh Bhaiyya and Laksh , who got the control of those companies . Ragini was quite shocked to hear about Viren and Omkara from Sanky. Ragini developed a thin layer of disgust for them, for forming alliance with kavya…and indirectly trying to harm Laksh
Laksh was busy with his work .In a week’s span, he came home , hardly three times. Sometimes Ragini felt that , he is busy…..But sometimes…strangely she felt that he was avoiding her….she was confused why she felt so….He calls her often to ask about her health, asks about her food and medicine…But she feels odd
On the other hand, Sujatha Maa, Sanky and Ram Papa takes good care of her. Sanky was even planning to keep a house nurse… But Ragini rejected that proposal. Badi maa, Rucha and Amrita left after Ragini’s discharge. Badi Maa calls each hour and have an hour long discussions with Sujatha Maa…. About Ragini…Ram Papa on the other hand pampered Ragini with Ice cream and chocolates.
Ragini was pretty bored after the dinner chores. She went to check on her partner in crime. Sanky was reading some kinda of Novel
“ Sanky” Ragini called on entering his room. Sanky smiled warmly welcoming her.Sanky was a bit silent after coming from the hospital…..Ragini , again oddly felt that there was something going on between Sanky and Lucky , Even though they were amiable with each other…which she was unaware…Which she felt important to her….but kept away from her.
“Yaar….When will Laksh’s tight schedule get loose?? I am missing him here yaar…. I couldn’t talk to him properly after my discharge….Aren’t you missing him?? “ Ragini asked in very frank tone
“I miss him too” Sanky slowly closed his novel and kept it on his table. “ Today is the last day ….. By 10 o clock , the accounts will close, So he will reach home tomorrow morning.” Sanky said
“ Why tomorrow??? Cant he come today itself??” Ragini complained
“Its his habit …..He spend his last day of accounts in office………..Its a kind of celebration for him” Sanky said casually
“ Wow….what a unique way of celebrating” Ragini said sarcastically. Sanky smiled fr answer. “Sanky……Can we go and join his celebration” Ragini raised his eyebrow

Ragini stepped into Laksh’s office for the first time. A thirteen floor building, with classic Laksh style interior. Her entry into the office was seen with suspicion, until Sanky accompanied her, after parking their car. Everyone send out a positive vibe on meeting Laksh sir’s wife. Sanky and Ragini entered Laksh’s cabin after confirming that he was free and accounts were closed. On entering the cabin. Ragini was surprised to see Laksh playing video game on the LCD.
“ Wow Lucky….You got the new version of Fifa” Snaky grabbed another control
Laksh was shocked to see them
“ What are you people doing here?”
“ your WIFE wanted to celebrate your Accounting closing with you…… In your office” Sanky was engrossed in the game now
“ Seriously Laksh……Unique way of Celebration” Ragini complained….Laksh smiled sheepishly and started a new Two player with Sanky….Ragini went and positioned herself on Laksh’s rolling chair and rotated on it….She was excited to visit Laksh’s office ,Sit in his place….Something made her feel that he was hers.
“Wow Sanky , Laksh…..Dekho na…. this chair is awesome….”Ragini was twirling in on the chair. When she got no response …….Ragini turned to see Laksh and Sanky engrossed in their game
“Lucky…..Don’t play Foul…………..”Sanky screamed , continuously pressing his control…trying to control his almost lost game
“I am not playing Foul……Its just… You are always a loser” Laksh screamed back
Ragini sighed and got up. She went and stood in front of the television
“RAGINI MAHESHWARI…….Don’t Block My game” Laksh screamed. Ragini felt a bit ticklish on hearing Laksh call her full name….She smiled a bit, But stood tight.
“Ragoo Rani…….” Sanky called mockingly “Did anyone tell you that you name should Besuri instead of Ragini……ruined my Peaceful Music like game” Sanskaar sighed.
“ I know right” Laksh supported Sanky
“ HA HA HA…. Peaceful Music like game … My foot…. Mr Sanskaar…. Did someone tell you that your name should kept as Asanskaar…. Instead of Sanskaar…… don’t you have this much Sanskaar to attend your Hungry Bhabhi…… Aur aap” Turning to Laksh… “ Yours should have Been LOL instead of Lucky….Director of a reputed company and still playing video games like chidrean…. LOL…” Laksh got into deep thoughts after Ragini’s long dialogue delivery. Sanskaar stood up and side hugged Ragini who was still with her angry pout, hands folded.
“ Yaar Bhabhi…. Please forgive your Devar…… You arrange the food…. Lets Eat” Sanky consoled
“ Food??? You guys brought food…. Thank God…. I was I a dilemma what to order… Please Ragoo…. Arrange them” Laksh was happy
Ragini went and arrange the food on the table kept between the couches in front of the LCD. When she raised her head to call out her boys, she saw them on a new gam. She sighed and put the food in her plate and went to them. She fed them alternatively, like a mother feeding her naughty boys. She pitied her Sujatha Maa

Sanky had to leave early due to an emergency in his hospital , Leaving Ragini and Laksh alone in the BIG Maheshwari Office. Ragini and Laksh was lying on the couches , facing each other.
“ Do you want to go home??” Laksh asked
“ No” Ragini replied…. “ Its nice lying here” Ragini smiled
They talked about different things….around the globe …
“ Ragoooo…. Can I ask you something….. Frankly” Ragini saw a deepness in Laksh’s eyes
“ Yes”
“ Ragoo, I know you love me……Just tell me … that too frankly , how do you feel when you are loving me one sided…when you love is not reciprocated” Laksh worded his question carefully…. In way that Ragini won’t feel bad.
Ragini was slightly shaken by Laksh’s question….But she answered with confidence…. “ Laksh…. I am happy about my love for you…. I am crazy about you…. I miss you…and you being you… Your slightest smile is enough for me to fill my day…. I can find love in them tooo and I will wait for you to love me……” Ragini told him politely and smiled
“ And……what if I don’t reciprocate your feeling ever….Will you be fine??” Laksh eyed her curiously
“ Frankly…. No… I wont be fine….. But I will wait….. I will wait for you to love me back” Ragini said it with almost tears in her eyes
“ Sanky was right….Lucky said almost in a whisper…with a smile
“Right about what?? Ragoo seemed to have heard Lucky
“ Nothing Ragoo…. Its just that I was trying to resist something…. But Sanky warned me that I wont be able to resist…. But I understood that I wont be able to…. So I have decided not to resist it any more…..” Laksh smiled brightly at a confused Ragini…. “ And Ragoo…. I felt really happy that you came here today

They both locked their gazes in each other and smiled lovingly at each other…..and continued till they dozed off……

Ragini had to go to Orphanage that Day…. It was their Birthday tomorrow. Badi maa kept a common day as birthday for all of her kids as she dint know individual dates. Ragini wanted her family to join her….. But she felt it odd to tell them that it was her birthday….and a bit sad that they don’t know her birthday.
There was a Pooja in Maheshwari Family temple , where all the bahu was supposed to keep their Mangalsutras for Pooja.This was the first time , she noticed this ….. That………. Maheshwari bahus wore different kinds of Mangalsutras…. Dadi maa had a long golden chain with a big heart shaped locket, Badi maas had Similar long golden chains with their husband’s name. Maa’s mangalsutra was a medium length chain with a beautiful bellfower locket. Parineeta Bhabhi had an Ohm locket on a platinum chain. Soumya and Sapna had Necklace of different designs. Ragini always saw them these chains , but thought that they just avoided Mangalsutras….. never expected that they treat these to be their Magalsutras. Panditji took them for Pooja .
“ Maa…… why do you wear chains instead of proper Mangalsutras?? Ragini asked Sujatha
“ Wo ragoo Beta…….” Sujatha stumbled a bit…..” There is custom in Maheshwari family….about which Laksh will tell you… later….when it is time…. Please wait till then…..” Sujath took Ragini’s hand in hes and smiled.

“ Sapna…. Will Ragini ever get her Thaali from Laksh??” Ragini heard Soumya ‘s voice, as she was passing by their room
“ No … Never….. She will never even know about this….. Hena Buaji?”. Sapna answered
“That girl will never receive thaali from my Laksh…… because he don’t love her……For a Maheshwari Bahu… Thaali is her Mangalsutra…. Which will be a chain of her Husband’s choice…. Which he will offer her only if he truly loves her….A Maheshwai Bahu only comes to know about this from her husband….so until she receives the thaali…she will be unaware of this….and that Ragini…will be unaware of this for life… my Laksh will never love her… nor give her the Thaali…” Bua maa declared
Ragini was kind of stabbed hearing Bua maa’s words. It was the first time she was hearing about this Thaali…..A Maheshwari magalsutra was suppoed to be a symbol of husband’s lve….But she dint get it….. from her Laksh….The thought that her Laksh doesn’t love her hurt her ….very bad…Ragini rushed to her Washroom and cried her out……
Screen Freezes on a Crying Ragini

PreCap: Ragini’s Birthday………………..

SO Friends…….. Thank you for your love and support…..
I know the story is going crazy,,,,,,,,, But Please bear with me…………………….

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