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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Kailash seeing Sujata going and taking Suman to keep the bridal dress near Mata. He sees the dress kept by Sujata and pushes it under the stage. He thinks Sujata should not make any problem. Suman tells Daddy ji that she will do pariknama around temple and come.


Dubey tells Sujata that her status got high by getting related to Kailash. Kailash holds Dubey and drags him out. He asks Sujata to come with him. Everyone look on. Suman goes out. Kailash scolds Dubey and asks him to talk to Sujata with respect, we are getting related now. Sujata looks on.

Atharv tells Vividha that now he got a chance and gets close to her. Suman is doing the Pariknama.
Suman prays for Vividha and Ravish’s pairing, don’t just keep respect in their relation without love like it was in my relation, I feel Vividha will totally love the man of her life, she will keep Ravish happy, just bless them always. Vividha smiles and applies haldi to Atharv by the haldi applied on her cheeks. Jaana na dil se door…………….plays………. Atharv closes his eyes. She looks at him and caresses him. She applies the haldi from her hands to his hands. They both hug. She applies haldi to his neck by the haldi applies on her neck. They have an eyelock. They get close.

Kailash asks Dubey to talk with respect and warns him if he does anything again, I will kick you out, leave from here. Dubey goes. Uma gets puzzled. Suman prays that Vividha gets love from Ravish which she did not get from her husband. Vividha says when marriage is close, its tough to wait. Suman says I can’t wait for Vividha and Ravish’s marriage, bless them. Vividha hugs Atharv. Suman takes another round of the temple. Vividha says I should leave now Atharv.

He holds her and stops. Suman does not see Vividha. He lifts her. She says I got late, I told Papa I will wash off haldi and come, everyone will be finding me. Atharv gets the water pipe and says you are right. He pours water on her and her haldi gets washed out. She moves the pipe away. The water falls over Suman. Suman looks around and leaves. Vividha and Atharv have an eyelock. He pours more water on her and cleans her face and neck.

Kailash tells Uma that we should introduce Jaipur relatives to Sujata. He sees Suman and comes in between. He sends Uma and Sujata. Sujata says the way Kailash accepted us, its not less than a miracle. Kailash says I think this was your last Pariknama. Daddy ji asks Kailash why does he look worried. Kailash says nothing, you all came and our respect got high. Suman says yes, we thought to meet Uma before leaving. Kailash says sure, I will call her. Uma introduces Sujata to her relatives. Kailash comes and asks Uma to meet the guests. Uma asks Sujata to come. Kailash sees Suman and says let Sujata talk to relatives, you come and meet guests.

Suman asks Uma to tell her if she needs any help, we will meet day after tomorrow. Uma says marriage is….. Kailash says we all will have happiness in marriage. Suman hugs Uma. Kailash greets Daddy ji. They all leave. Kailash gets relieved. Uma holds him. He gets scared and turns. He asks what. Uma asks who were those guests. Kailash asks her to know guests later, more guests are going to come, where is Vividha. Dadi asks where is Vividha and ask Guddi and other girls. Vividha hears Kailash and Dadi calling her. She goes to them. Kailash asks whats all this. Uma says you washed haldi by water. Vividha says I have haldi allergy so I washed it.

Uma says haldi is removed by rasam, you have washed it off like this. Dadi sees Atharv behind curtain and says its not good that bride has taken bath by water and washed off haldi, and groom is not drenched. She catches Atharv and gets him. Sujata beats Atharv. Kailash says I told them not to meet before marriage. Dadi says don’t get angry, its not our time, this is new times, I have strong planning to punish Atharv. They pour water on Atharv. Sujata beats Atharv and smiles. She says he will have two Maas from tomorrow. Kailash thinks get happy, I will decide about the groom.

Kailash gives Vividha her bridal dress. Uma gets a doubt seeing it. Vividha smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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