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It’s Twilight (Just a quick Glimpse)

Esme here. This is just a quick glimpse of my FF “It’s Twilight”. All the Twilight fans…all the Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi fans, be ready to enter the combo of Twilight and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and sorry if I am disappointing anyone. So chorry…



“Ding Dong” Door bell rang.

“Ooon hoo…Who is at this moment?”

Door opened.

“Mr. Dixit…mind your tongue. ”
“Miss Bose…mind your timing. Who ding dongs the bell at this time? ”
“A person in need. ”
“What do you need? ”
“Actually there is a cockroach in my room.”
“What so…”
“You have COCKROACHphobia.”
“Nothing can haunt me.”
“Cockroach there !!!” He shouted.
“Aaaah…Someone save me.”She closed her eyes in fear and he burst into laughter. She angrily looks at him.

Dev and Sona… fighting as usual. A ghost was there sitting in a flower vase outside Dev’s room. This ghost was a good ghost not evil one but he was damn irritated because of their continuous fights.

One day….

Sona and Dev were fighting on some topic. Sona had the book ‘TWILIGHT’ in her hand. The irritated ghost appeared before them and cursed them to enter the beautiful, supernatural and romantic world of Twilight…………
Well is this CURSE really a curse?How will Dev and Sonakshi meet inside Twilight? Who will first fall in love? Why Dev always feels something is wrong with him? Why Dev and Sonakshi keep receiving messages from an unknown number?…….This FF is situated in the starting days of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi…where Dev and Sonakshi used to fight on small things and slowly slowly he unknowingly made his path to enter her heart.

I will post the first chapter soon till then keep supporting me with your lovely comments.




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