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It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ” deadly echoes ”
Guys Preetika Rao play the role of “SARA MALIK ” and Daljeet kaur play role of “Roshani Gupta ” .anymore confusion ask it. And comments it guys don’t be rude with me!!!!!

LUCKHNOW Railway Station..
Khushi smile widely seeing the loud crowd of LUCKNOW as she felt strange but familiar feeling She walk dreamy when her feet crashed something. And then…

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… Devi mayya.. Please save me.. Aarohi Di save me… Roshani Di…. Help help “shouting historically Khushi runs outside of station whereas a reckless dog runs beside her still in pain of the tail cause by Khushi flat slippers.
Everyone look at her laughing heart out.
Aarohi shook her head and smile – Welcome to Luckhnow Khushi Kumari Gupta and me too.

Khushi runs out and bang with old lady who started scolding her.
Old woman – look at this young stupid girl don’t know how his future husband will tolerate her!!
Khushi huffed in annoy then said aloud – Auntie my future husband will be Prince Charming who will come and swept my feet saying this she look up when helicopter crosses…


Chopper landed on the land of Sheeshmalhal… And top fashion king and Casnova Arnav Singh Raizada come out of chopper..

“ASR sir.. ASR sir ..you are topmost fashion house owner and having the many resorts and hotel in your name then why you chose this place for your upcoming bridal launch ‘”
Media voices were not coming in his ears, his eyes were covered with shades otherwise anyone can know that his chocolate brown eyes were moist and his hands are clench tightly making his knuckles white in anger. As he approached outside from chopper his existence froze eyeing “SHESHMAHAL “.suddenly familiar hand hold his hand and he calm down and said ” Aman make a meeting with OMKAR MALIK, tell him ASR will only be there for meeting next one hour. ”
Aman nodded and left hurriedly inside the palace.
Laksh stood beside ASR but his eyes were on Sheeshmalhal still a nightmare for his life time.
Laksh (quitly whisper) – She never love us.
ASR (hilarious laugh) – you still thought about her . You know what I heard she left this place with her lover ten years before. That relationship took away all my belief in relation .
Laksh came beside him – ASR we should move inside. Saying this he walk out.
Arnav whisper painly – Mostly she took away my brother from me.

Aadarsh pace in his room not thinking about his coming marriage.. And elections but.. Dr Roshani Gupta.. Her smile.. Her laugh.. His lips playing a little smile when he heard his phone he hurriedly took the caller ID thinking about her but it was not her.
Aadarsh become angry with the caller ID.. Rather than say wanted to throw the mobile.
On phone
Aadarsh shouted angrily – How many times I have to say you that don’t dare to call me you are nothing to me!!! Did you get that!!

A tear slipped from his eyes but he didn’t get hurt because somewhere he knows his brother always take his call to listen his voice… ” Congrats Aadu Bhai for coming election, I know only you are going to win like always. ”

Aadarsh close his eyes in disgust and lash out – listen Rockstar SANSKAR MAHESHWARI don’t even call me your any brother because for me my younger brother died on the spot when he… Let it be!! Why the bl**dy hell you call me every month getting the same don’t you get it once.

Sanskar – Aadu…Bhai..

Call ended…

Aadarsh throw his mobile on other side of bed in anger and sit with tears in his eyes. Whatever happens he will never forgive SANSKAR!!! A sight of flashbacks came across him..


Durga Prasad Maheshwari was the one of the famous  industrialist of his time when he came across the beauty of voice Annapurna Mehra, the famous classic singer. As the love for music in Durga Prasad made him spellbound in Annapurna. Love bloom and they were gifted by Aadarsh after one year. They live in Kolkata with in their sweet world when for one bussissnes trip in Luckhnow Durga Prasad has to live his nine months wife to themselves because of losses but he trusted his family and in law family to take care of Annapurna. That was the same time when MALIK heirs born and another side Annapurna given birth to “SANSKAR ” but she can’t able to strong and she left the world. Making her both sons orphan and Durga Prasad into depression. He cut his every tie with his family and left the place with his children and shifted to Luckhnow that was the time when Durga Prasad and Omkar MALIK become a good friend …..
But what no body knows that one day due to one anger decesion of Durga Prasad lead to his sons bonding to be break into pieces. ”
Flashback end….

Aadarsh grabbed his jacket walk out of room only to be stopped at the track seeing Bade Papa (Omkar MALIK) and Dad (Dp)  sitting across the living like waiting for someone then his eyes fall on two young man and he remembers them ….ASR and designer LUCKY  …quite surprising.


Landing again the same place where her life destroyed -scratch killed bruthly!!  How she gonna face it -again SCTRACH it she is SAMMIE!!! Strong, bl**dy cruel and know her way. She stood infront old building “Gomti Sadan ” quite old and destroyed building but she care less.. Even she wanted she can buy whole Luckhnow this is just the scratch of it. But her motive are more than that! She  move inside the old Villa look at every whole place is vacant. As she have taken this place under her name. She look at the luggage well, SAMRAT Dixit still in Venice taking care of work under her order. And when her work here would be over she will left. Shooking her head she step inside the building only to be greeted by a woman body lying on the centre place.

Anyone in this place would scream, run or even call the police but not go close to the body but SWARA MALIK is not in those people. She have saw worst of it. Swara move closer to body check the nerves “Dead ” and then her eyes fall on the bag when she opened it. She in few minutes knows that it is trapping between two political parties .Somewhere by this she got her first step to be done she was about to call Samrat to arrange men’s when her eyes fall on the woman wrist where it was written brutally “HE IS MINE ” . Swara sit there silently and calmly. Finally getting a grip she call Samrat and order him to arrange some men’s and update the work like nothing happened. Leaving the lady she grabbed the bag and put in her luggage and after some half hours men’s came their shock written on their faces but Swara care less and said ” buried the body or burn it after it done take money and forget this night “saying she walk inside the place leaving totally shocked and dumpfounded men’s seeing this heartless woman. But they did what they said and left with the body.

Swara open the door and walk inside the old sofa and sat silently her eyes are motionless and then open the bag and took out the ID “Dr Roshani Gupta physiotherapist”

But then she heard someone opening the door of entrance as she turned this time surprise a little.


PRECAP – Party all night!!!!!

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