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It was always you !!!!! (Part 12)

Hellooooo salam e walequm …vanakam…sat shri akal …namaste …ke choo …bas itna hi aata tha …so soo sorry guys for .making u all wait for so long …..on my dear pumpkins wish I had posted my promo…..but …guys 20 cmnts ….
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To megerban ho kadardan dil than ke baithiye kunki mera bday aata hai



Shock LGA mujhe bhi LGA tha uff mere hi first crush ke sath mera bday soch ke hi pet main gud guddi hoti hai

Acha now no more back bak
Epi ka to namo nishan ni hai Aapke dimag main to wait
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It was always you !!!!! (Part 11)

AGR links nhi chale to

Twinj ki mehandumi tw jealous
Their late night terrace sweet talks

Hope fully toota futa kuch yad aata kya hope so yr

So shuru kren

Tw woke up from her deep beauty sleep
She jsut runner her eyes to look where was she..she scanned the whole room and find it out to be her room she gets up with a jerk
Tw: how do I come here ..umm…I was kunj on terrace right so wt I am doing here ..hmm..so my sadu aarna had dropped me here sho sweet of him yr…
But wait a min I was wearing my jewellery with me right but now where iis it
She searches around and found her all jewelry on the table
Tw: so this sadu sarna really cares for me …not bad ..husband wali qualities …I like it
She quickly get down from her bed and went to washroom to freashen up
Meanwhile in the hall
Everybody was moving here and there for work as today was the sangeet
Leeela was continuously asking the workers to set the stage properly
The whole hall was designed just like a newly wedded bride looking so so beautiful with combination of baby pink neon pink and white colour
Kunj was wearing simple white kurta paijama as sangeet was in evening
He was helping the workers to set a small satge for the DJ
Tw cane down wearing blue and pink kurta with silver embroidery and white plazo pants looking drip dead gorgeous
Kunj notices her and got mesmerised in her looks
Tw also saw him both share a sweet sha eyelock

.(sajan ve)

( yr eyelock ka feel bhi to ana chahiye )
But their eyelock is broken by leela
Le: kunj putter will u help the people in setting diff. Stage for the DJ as its necessary ..I have urgent work so have to leave will u plz do it
Ku: ma no need to worry if kunj is here then no fear …app jao main dekh loonga
Le: thanx so much putter
Le leaves

Ku: Chal kunj beta shuru ho ja
He was helping the workers to set the stage and it was in the upper corridor of hall aa small corridor so no one was there except some workers and kunj
Tw came there after some time as llela has send her to help kunj

Kunj was feeling so hot so he had removed his kurta he was only in his paijamas with sweat beads all over his body
( koi pakdo mujhe warna main faint na ho jaun itni garmi kun hai bhai)
Mundan kukad kamal da us oalying in BG

Tw is staring at him like their is no tomorrow like he will disappear if she blinks her eyes
Ku ( with a slight smirk) dekh le dekh le tera hi fiancee gun bhag ni RHA kahin ke tere tich button yahin attack rhe hain
Tw( composing herself) w..wt kya tum kuch bhi bolte ho han ..I was ..umm…looking at the decorations ok stop day dreaming aapne akal ke ghode dodana band karo
Ku: han han theek hai aacha ye le ye cloth Hume uoer belt pe tie up karna hai so pick up one end
Tw does the same
Left side kunj was standing and on right side tw was standing both were tiring the cloth on the upper belt
Suddenly wind start to blow and as a result all the clothes feel upon twinj

In din kabhi Jo
Khud ko tarashe
Meri nazar tu Zara …..


Aakjin se Teri kya kya
Chupa hai tujhko dikhaun main Zara …
In ankhai si dastan dastan …
Khul ke by an ho Jo paye na …
Subhan Allah ……….Jo ho RHA hai …pehli dfa hai …walaah …..aisa hua


Both tw and kunj came down from stool but they r still under the cloths

Tw: kunj ye kya hai Ab …huh….kuch karo …na
Ku: siyapaa queen shut up …maine those na kiya hai Jo mujhpe bill fad rhi hai …
Tw : kunjjjjjjjjj…
Ku: aacha wait
Both were trying to escape from the tent as result both bumped into each other and made them to fall down
With tw over kunj
Tw all hair were on his face her hands on his shoulders and his hands clutching her waist tightly
Sajna ve starting flute song is playing in BG
Kunj slowly lifts his hand to remove her hair
He slowly removed hair stands from his face all the time tw was having goosebumbs in her stomach ..so many butterflies were running in her chotu sa tummy ..
He gently removes the hair stands both got lost in each others eyes with a deep eyelock ..


.Ab eyelock khatam ho gya hai
Ku: tw Uth kitne khati hai yr tu uff kahan kaya hai sab …
Tw: haaww kunj tumne mujhe fat bola tumhe sharam nhi aati …main Zara bhi fat nhi hun ..main ek dun fit and fine bilkul Punjabi pataka ..
Ku: ( mimicking) Punjabi ptaka huh…Punjabi pumpkin hai tu …
Tw: main pumpkin ..na to to yo …you r karela sarna
Ku: I am not karela ok I am sweet like honey
Tw: honey kuch jayada nhi hogya kunj sarna …
Tum na ek dun karela king ho ek dun sadu sarna kahin ke …….
Tw: or tu to hai hi mallikaye siyappa ….pumpkin queen
Ku: waise ek bat bata u eat so much but still u have maintained ur figure …not bad han pumpkin quuen
Tw: tum bhi mantle ho na ki mera figure bahut hot hai …or main Jo bhi khati hun na wo main khana ki takat rakhti hun ..
Ku: not bad han siyyapappa Queen great …
{Now guys will be thinking ke ye ho kya RHA hai to brief description suno
When ku teased tw on her weight all the while tw was above kunj and kunj both hands were on her waist and her hands on his chest like a happy couple having lovey dovey talks when tw hair strands were coming on her face and he was removing after time to time …..they didn’t noticed that they were already flirting with each other indirectly )
As twinj were under the cloth some people noticed it and removed the cloth
Both twinj were shocked ,embarrassed aand angry ( shocked and embarrassed because of their position ,angry because they disturbed their moment )

Tw gets up from kunj and later kunj also gets up from that place …..
Their was awkward silence b/w them

Tw: umm…woo …I think I should go get ready for sangeet ..
Ku: umm yay …u can g.go …
Tw hurridly leaves from their to the hall …
Ku was blushing remembering their few min. Ago encounter
Tw in hall was all turned crimson due to blush and cheeky smile

Kunj/tw POV
Oh god this tingling feeling …oh god wt to do .kunj/tw just concentrate on ur sangeet …just concentrate …

Phewww guys kal exam hai yr padhan hai ….
Aj ke liye itna hi phir milenge ….

Are wait ruko precao late jao
Precap: *sangeet blast* so much fun ..and lil bit romance too

Aachaguys tell mW u want their first official kiss after marriage or before it
I think after marriage it’s better ….
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So so much
Keep smiling

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