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It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 14)

Hello guys i am back with another ff. hope ull like it

IT WAS ALL A LIE……….. episode 14

I found her……
The mist important person if my life
My love, my life
The warmth of her body
The smile on her face
The eyes that me drown
Was all i wanted
I am mad about her
And i know one thing
She is my beloved ,
I love her and will always do.

Kunj along with police and Mr Mehta reached the place were they hid twinkle. Its was a very suspicious place. Mr Mehta and police went in one direction tiptoed snd kunj in the other. Kunj check each and every room der in that place but he bychance missed one room. Kunj was moving disheartened with the support of the wall and suddenly he fell somewhere. It was a dark room so kunj opened the flashlight of his phone and searched for the switch. He opened the switch and was completely baffled to see the scenario. His love , his life was infront of him in an unconscious state. He immediately runned towards her and opened all the ropes she was tied from. He then patted her left cheek which made twinkle open her eyes.
Ku…un..j was all she uttered.
Kunj immediately hugged her tightly and was sobbing hardly.
Twinkle i am sorry I shouldn’t have left u alone said kunj while sobbing.
Its ok kunj dont said twinkle with a smile.
Kunj then saw the blood near her lips. He moved his finger near it and kissed the wounded part.
Kunj lets go plz said twinkle.

Kunj made twinkle stand and they both slowly tiptoed from der.
Twinkle were r the kipnappers asked kunj.
I dont know they kust made unconscious by injecting something and …..i dont know anything after that said twinkle.
But after few minutes they heard some heavy and husky voices coming near them. They were somewat scared so they hid in one room. As twinkle was scared of darkness kunj opened the light of the room and wen they both turned around, the biggest shock of der life was waiting der.

They never thought this thing in der wildest dreams also. Their mother was sitting on a wheelchair in an unconscious state. They both were having tears in der eyes. They never thought this will happen. They both immediately rushed towards her.
Maa get up maa said twinkle.

Kunj was also crying hard.
Leela opened her eyes slowly and seeing her children in front of her she also started crying.
Maa wat r u doing here. U were killed im that house fire said twinkle crying amd stammering.
No puttar i was never killed. Wen u both left the house i was sitting in my room but suddenly some voices stated coming. I went down and i saw three men standing der. They quickly grabbed me and made me unconscious and burnt the house. They then took me somewhere and manohar and usha torrched me and now i am over here infront of u both said leela breaking down.
The trio then hugged each other tightly and shared thier sorrows with each other. Kunj immediately called the police and told them everything.
After half an hour of search police found twinkle and kunj and the trio were taken to the hospital.
Twinkle was prescribed with some medicines and so do leela. Leela wasnt paralysed but continues sitting mad her knees jam.

After one week everything was back to normal. The trio were together in der home but police want able to trace about manohar amd usha.
Their search operation was going on.

Guys i hope u like it. I wa free so I uploaded it. Guys its the second last episode of my ff. hope u all liked my ff even fro once.
Guys i love u all❤️?
Thanks for everything u all dis for me.
I was free so I uploaded it.
Acha now guys u all will find the last episode soon
Love u all❤️?❤️
Plz do comment and criticism is most wlcmd?

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