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It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 13)

Hello guys i am back. I am sorry babu u asked me to upload it but i had my national level drawing exam. I am sorry ?????? Plz maaf kardena.
This episode is specially for baby and sayeeda di.

It WAS ALL A LIE………… Episode 13


Were is she
Were did she go
My life, my only reason to live
My soul, my heart
Please come back
Please for me
I want you
And i know one thing
She is my beloved ,
I love her and will always do.

Next day kunj again started his search mission but was again failed in it. It was nearly one day of twinkle missing. Kunj approached to the police station and police also started searching for twinkle. Kunj was dying each second without twinkle.
Then he was continuously praying and crying. His eyes were paining like hell. He wasnt able to control him self. He then went to gurdwara to get some peace.

On the other side a dark room is shown. Suddenly a sound of opening something comes. A man and a women opens the door and heads inside the dark room. They switch on the light. The man and women are non other than manohar and usha.
They are looking towards a girl tied on a chair. Her face is shown she is non other than twinkle.
Twinkle slowly open her eyes and is shocked to see manohar and usha over der.
U……. u both said twinkle stammering
Yes we both. Y r u so shocked to see us like this our pretty cute daughter in law said leela with a smirk.

Y did u both bring me here asked twinkle.
Araaae wait let us tell na. Ok so now u r pregnant and all the sarna empire will be on your name and ur childs. This was according to aartis will because whole empire belongs to her, kunj might have told you right twinkle said manohar.

Twinkle was completely baffled. She didnt knew wat to say , although she knew this but never thought that they will stoop so low.

Plzz leave me said twinkle begging.
No we will not said manohar.
Plzzzzzzz shouted twinkle.

This made manohar and usha angry and usha went near her and hold her hairs woth her hand and slapped tightly on her right cheek. She slapped twinkle so harshly that her lip started bleeding. Then manohar came forward and injected something in her body

On the other side kunj was sitting in the police station with Mr Mehta.
Mr sarna we saw some suspicious men near ur house in the cctv recordings.
Plz sir show the video to me also said kunj begging.
Police along with kunj amd Mr Mehta started watching the clip. They saw men entrimg the house and after few minutes the three men carried twinkle in the car.
Stooooooppppp shouted kunj.
Wat happened Mr sarna asked police.

Sir plz zoom the clip near the car. They zoomed the clip near the car but police couldn’t understand anything.
Sir the logo on the ryt side of the car is of sarna industries. This means that Manohar sarna kidnapped twinkle.
R u sure kunj asked police.
Yes i am pretty sure said kunj.
Mr Mehta also agreed with kunj.police tracked the cars location amd the trio headed towards the area were they hid twinkle.

I am sorry for small episode actually i am not well guys. I ak having severe pain in my teeths. Sorry????

Guys only two more episodes. Guys its not bcz of less comments i am ending my ff but bcz of storyline is coming to an end. I cannot drag the story. Guys wen i started writing i never thought ill come to this length.
Plz dont be miffed with me. I love u all
If u will say ill come up with another ff. ?❤️

Plz do comment and crtisicm is most wlcmd.
Thanks everyone for all the comments in my last episode. ?❤️??????

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