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It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 12)

IT WAS ALL A LIE…………..Episode 12

Everything was perfect
But where did she vanished,
My life was nowhere to be found.
I couldn’t control myslef,
I wanted her badly.
Please come back
I cannot live without you
And i know one thing
She is my beloved ,
I love her and will always do.


Its been seven days to der marriage. Twinkle and kunj were sitting in der room. They were looking at the same photograph.
Flashback *
The day after the proposal twinj were fighting with each other. They were fighting for one chocolate just like small kids. Leela was recording all der fights just on sake to show them to der children.
Maa stop this recording shouted twinkle.
Ya ma plz said kunj.
First you both stop fighting said leela.
Fine said twinj with a pout.
Then quickly twinkle opened the chocolate and gulped it down without anyones notice.
Kunj and leela looked at twinkle with a pout then trio burst in out laughing.
They were very happy but it seemed like that it was the last laughter together.
Maa can i take twinkle out asked kunj.
Ya is this the question to ask said leela with a grin.
Kunj smilled and he ran out with twinkle. Leela smiiled looking at them and she went to her room.
They both had gone for shopping and a short and a sweet.
Twinkle was doing her shopping and kunj was standing beside her. Kunj got someones call and he was completely dazzled to her that person.
Kunj kya hua asked twinkle.
Kunj suddenly grabbed twinkles hand and rushed towards der car. Kunj drove back to der home. All this while tears were rushiing through his eyes. This was making twinkle tensed. She tried leelas number but it was switched off.
They both reached to der home and were completely shocked to see the scenario. There home was on fire. People were gathered outside der house. One man came to kunj.
Kunj leela ji was inside wen fire took place said the man.
Kunj turned towards himself and hold him from his collar. Wat r u saying just shut up u bl**dy jerk. Nothing will happen to maa blurted out kunj.
On the other side twinkle was shocked. Twinkle couldn’t believe all this. She started shouting like a maniac. Just shutup. Nothing will happen to my maa she is completely fine u get that. Nothing can happen to her shouted twinkle on the top of her voice.
She fell down on floor and was crying vigorously. Kunj hugged her tightly and they both were crying. Police and fire brigade came and leela was declared dead due to fire. It was said that cylinder burst out and it led to fire. Twinkle was completely in trauma after leelas death but somehow kunj handled her.
Flashback ends*
After few days everything changed between you and me. I dont know wat happened you started ignoring me. One day without telling me you went to an isolated place. I followed you and saw you der with alisha. U both were hugging each other. I went from der snd was crying badly. Usha auntie came and told me that now kunj doesn’t wants to be with you. He was with you because of your moms company. Your company also got burned so now he is not interested in you. She even made me listen one recording in which u were telling about moms death and you being not interested in me. She also said that you wanted to be with alisha. said twinkle with tears in her eyes.
After that usha sarna came to me and she told me that you dont want to be with me. She made me listen to a recording in which you said that you dont want to be with me. I am not worth it. I cannot give you anything. U were with me because of u leela ma supported me and i was working with her. I couldn’t believe it so i called u but u didnt picked my phone. I also wmet our farmhouse u werent der also. I was completely shattered with all that. I used to be in my room for whole day. After some tym they sent me to the mental asylum. I was torchered over der. One day bebe and dadu came to me. They told me that it was planned by usha and manohar sarna. They told me wat they told you. They made these miss understanding between us. They did all this because according to dadu amd bebes will whole sarna empire was on my real moms name aarti taneja. They killed my mom but they were in distress after seeing you amd me together. According to will if something happened to my mom property will automatically be on my name after my marriage. Soon Dr Mehta got transferred in that mental asylum and he told me do acting till then he will search for you. He searched you and purposely did all this so that you can take me away said kunj with tears in his eyes.
Twinkle looked towards him and gave him a bone crushing hug.
I am sorry i didn’t believe you said twinkle while sobbing.
Its ok said kunj and kissed her forehead.
Twinkle then got up and kept the photoframe in the cupboard and went to take water for both of them.

She couldn’t walk till the door of the room and she fainted. Kunj immediately rushed towards her and laid her on the bed. He called the doctor. Doctor came after half hour and did her checkup. Kunj was standing der and was completely bitting his nails due to fear.
Mr sarna u r going to become a father said doctor.
Kunj after listening this started jumping and kissing doctor on his cheeks.
Doctor gave him a what the hell walla look and then he prescribed some medicines and went.
Twinkle also gained back her consciousness. Kunj sat beside her and hugged her tightly.
What happened kunj? Asked twinkle.
Twinkle soon u will become mom and ill become dad said kunj.
Twinkle nodded her head simply then realising what he said she turned her towards him in shock.
Sachi asked twinkle.
Muchi said kunj.
Then they both shared a long hug and then a passionate kiss.
After some talking and sharing cosy moments they dozed of.

Next morning kunj went back to some work. He didnt wanted to go but twinkle insisted him to go. Then asual her daily work she started working in the kitchen. Then she started doing something on her laptop.
At night kunj came back home and searched for twinkle everywhere in the house. She was nowhere to be found. Kunj called her but her phone was lying broken in their room. Kunj searched everywhere for her in the city and contacted each and every person whom he knew twinkle might go to meet but der was no sign of her. Kunj came back home full frustrated after searching of 6 hours. He came in his room and started crying missreably. He was completely boggled. He ddint know wat to do and police also not agreed to fire a missing conplaint because of their 24 hr policy.

Hello guys i am back but I think nobody missed my ff. it ok if ull didnt bcz only 3more episodes to go. Then my ff will end.
Anyways guys i revealed the reason for twinjs separation. Hope u all liked it. Plz tell how was the relevation.
Criticism is wlcmed.
Guys i have one complaint from u all I always asked if everyone want any changes but nobody suggested anything or asked for something special. It shows that u all dont expect anything and r forced to read my ff. ?
Anyways guys i love u ❤️❤️?
All the best to everyone who r having der exams????

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