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It was all a lie…. Twinj (episode 10)

Hello guys. Plz read the episode and i have some thing important to ask.

IT WAS ALL A LIE …….. Episode 10

I want to be with her
I want to feel her
I want to love her
She makes me crazy
She loves me like i do
We both need each other
And i know only one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her and will always do.

Next day twinkle woke up and was working in the kitchen. Kunj was sleeping now also.
Oh god look at this sadu he is sleeping now also said twinkle with a disgusting face.
Twinkle went to der room and saw him sleeping. She sat beside kunj and kept her right hand on his forehead.
Kunj get up said twinkle.
Kunj didn’t respond to her so this made her worried.
Kunj kya hua. Plz get up na. Kunj cried twinkle.
Immediately twinkle felt some kind of pull and she closed her eyes. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Twinkle was upon kunj.
Twinkle said Kunj.
Kkkk…unn..jj said twinkle.
Plz dont cry said kunj and he kissed her tears.
U wr fooling me kunj asked twinkle.
Sorry said kunj and digged her head in her neck.
I am sorry na baba. I wanted to spend tym with u bht u wr busy in ur wrk. So I thought ill do this and ull be with me said kunj.
Twinkle got up from kunj and sat on the bed. Kunj also got up and back hugged her.
Naraaz hai asked kunj
No sadu said twinkle with a giggle.
I love u said kunj.
I love u too said twinkle and gave peek on his cheeks.
Now go get ready said twinkle.
Kunj made a pout and ran to bathroom. Then twinkle went to kitchen and started preparing break fast. After half an hour kunj came from behind and hugged twinkle tightly. Twinkle could feel kunjs breath. He was breathing heavily. Twinkle immediately turned around and kunj made her sit on the kitchen slab. Twinkle wrapped her legs around his waist.
Twinkle said kunj breathing heavily.
Kunj wat happened y r u breathing so heavily asked twinkle.
Twinkle u wont leave me na asked kunj.
No kunj u r my life i wont leave u forever said twinkle with a smile.
Kunj digged his head in her neck and hugged her very tightly.
Kunj wat happened asked twinkle.
Nothing i just want to be with u said kunj with tears in her eyes.

Twinkle could feel smthing wet on her neck.
Kunj u r crying said twinkle.
Kunj remained silent and twinkle moved his face away from her neck. Twinkle kissed kunj on her cheeks , forehead.
Dont cry mera bacha said twinkle with a pout.
Kunj smilled looking at her childeshness.
Twinkle then glared kunjs lips and proceeded for a kiss. They both kissed passionately but unfortunately had to part ways because of lack of oxygen.
Twinkle will u marry me asked kunj.
Twinkle immediately hugged kunj and said yes.
We will marry today only twinkle bcz one year back on this same date we wr engaged now we will marry on same date said kunj with a smile.
Twinkle nodded her head and they both gave each other a bone crushing hug.

Hello guys. I
I wana ask do u all r liking my ff or not. In my last episode i only got 15 comments which r not sufficient. I showed confession but only few ppl commented. I know my confession was very simple it was not like other ffs. I wanted to show the simplcity and bond between the trio. Thats y it was very simple but i think nobody liked it. Guys i know i am not a good writer as u all. I request u all to comment plz????
Ur comments r my support system.
If u all r not liking my ff then plz tell ill wind it up by one episode. Plzzz guys. Its a request plz comment.
I always ask u all if u want some changes but nobody responds.
Guys plz comment plzz??????
I was really depressed after seeing less comments but then also I posted the episode.
Plz comment karo itne kam comments dekhe i was crying.
It feels bad to see that all other ff get soo good comments but u get so low.
Plzzz i k ow my ff us not that interesting.
Its all upto u all now if u will comment then only I’ll continue or i ll end it by one episode.
I planned so much for further track but it seems like nobody is interesting in reading my wrk. ????????????????
Ur comments r only my support system ???☹️?

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