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Hey guys, i am minniee!! This is my first ff! I was a silent reader before this.
This story is based on the novel ‘it started from a friend request ‘ by sudeep nagarkar.
Maybe some if you hace read it. But i promise it will not be the same. I have only taken idea from it.

So, lets start the intro of the characters….
1. Raman bhalla…..
Is working in a company (not his own is employed). He belongs to a middle class family. Has a great personality. Lives in mumbai.
2. Mihir arora…..
Best friend of raman. Works in another company. Lives in mumbai.
3. Ishita iyer……
A lively and cute girl.she is intelligent and the most beautiful girl.lives in Chennai.
4. Mr.and mrs.iyer….
Parents of ishita.
Note.. extra characters will be introduced in the story itself.
So let’s begin with the story….
In Chennai…
Ishita.. ishita…,mrs.iyer shouted.
Ya mom, ishita replied, while she was busy chatting on WhatsApp.
Have you checked your result?? , mrs.iyer asked.
Oh shit i haven’t, ishita said to herself.
Mom, i was checking it only.
As soon as she told this she switchet on the computer and hurriedly typed the website name and opened it. The result has came she has passed. She started dancing.
Mrs.iyer came and asked her the result. Ishita hugged her tightly and said..
I did it maa, i got wilfred girls college in mumbai. I am so happy.
Her mom kissed her forehead and said, i knew it that you will do it. I am very happy. but from when are your classes starting?? They are starting within a week maa.ishita said.
Ok! I should tell your papa! He will be very happy. Saying this her mom left.
Ishita screamed in joy and said,
Mumbai i am coming!!!


How was it guys?? Tell me fast!!

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