Ranveer and ishani sleeping each other embrace his phone starts ringing he lift the call it was naina
By seeing ishani he ask her in a low tone is anything important naina. .no I just wanted to ask you are you okay?
He replied yeah fine thanks for asking
bye .he hung up the call
Ranveer saw ishani who was in deep sleep and keeping her one hand on her tummy.he smiled and touched her hand.saw her cute face kissed her hand laid close to her.
Next day morning ishani woke up rubbed her eyes was about to get up she felt Ranveer so close to her and his hands on her tummy.
She smiled and kissed his forehead went to washroom wearing a pink colour saree came down greeted amba and lakshmi.
When she was about to go kitchen to start work both held her to sit in the hall.
Later Ranveer got ready and came down all had break fast amba said to Ranveer. ..beta c she is not listening to me you also say her she should not do any work.
Ranveer turned and saw her. ..ma if she dint listen give me a call.
All were smiling he left to office.

Ranveer reached office.naina was sitting in the couch at home
She said to ritika the way Ranveer hung up the call she asked her to be relax then went to kitchen to make coffee.
Sharman knocked the door came to met naina ritika really got shocked by seeing him she hided herself then watcheing Sharman heard their conversationsite

Once Sharman left she came and was about to ask naina she got call from punnet they had meeting with finance team.
She went to office.
Ranveer : hello
Ishani :hello Ranveer I had lunch am in our room
Ranveer :arrey Wats discuss
Ishani :then what…from morning you have called me twenty times
Ranveer :then who will call you
Ishani :okay baby. ..you had lunch…
Ranveer :hasn’t
Ishani:got angry. …love you…
Ranveer :luv you too shonu. .bye have meeting now
Ranveer was busy with another meetings since naina couldn’t spend time with him.
Though they were in same office he was surrounded by people always.
Naina has planned to leave with him but went she was in call .he left for home hand over the works to manage
At 9 Ranveer entered the house he saw only amba and lakshmi. .was searching ishani. ..
Amba:Ranveer you came beta….go and fresh up will have dinner he smiled and started to climb stairs
Amba :aur haan don’t wake up ishani she is sleeping she felt uneasy

Ranveer :tike maa
He went to his room he saw her cutely sleeping changed himself and came down having
dinner with everyone.
Amba:Mala keep that pickle bottle in Ranveer room ishani ki zaroorat hai
She went and came down
Mala : ji bhabi utgaye
Will take dinner for her
Ranveer :Mala I will take her dinner
He took dinner and went to his room
Ranveer :ishani who was wiping her face with towel
Ishani : Ranveer you came
Ranveer :haan come have dinner
Ishani : she started eating after two roti she felt like vomiting went inside the washroom
Ranveer got shocked then he held her
She came out very tired
Ranveer :kya hua let me call the doctor
Ishani :arrey kuch nahi it happens
He was worried. ..she kept her hands on his cheeks am okay ..
Ishani :I can’t eat Ranveer. .don’t want
Amba entered wat you don’t want she instantly took her hands from Ranveer. ..face
Ranveer :ma she dint eat properly then vomit also
Amba :again uh beta

Ishani :haan ma
Amba :okay will ask Mala to bring Milk after a while she had milk lay on the bed
Amba left the room Ranveer was looking at her ..she showed his hands sign Ranveer to come
Ishani : look at your face…you you are keeping it like this
Ranveer :are you okay now??
Ishani :she nodded as no..
You first smile then only I will be okay
He smiled and hugged her

PRECAP: Nirbhay :we need to wait another six months to execute our plan

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