Ishani woke up around 6:30 she saw ranveer was not there went to wash room change herself in to red satin nighty and came sat on the bed she is about to take her mobile ranveer came inside call Ishani. .
Ishani : ranveer where you went I have slept dust much time
Ranveer :haan Ishani actually went to reception to check about cabs for tomorrow morning
Ishani : hmm by saying she sat on the bed resting her head
Ranveer :Ishani. ..come will go out and had dinner
Ishani :no ranveer am feeling tired sorry woh…
Ranveer :arrey it’s okay wat happen to you he touched her forehead

Ishani : don’t know ranveer. .
Ranveer :let me call doctor. .
She held his hands arrey nahi ranveer. ..
He came and sat close to her.am okay but felt tired.
He ordered dinner Ishani dint had well she took very light food.
Ishani packed their things.
Ranveer came changing himself and made her sit on the bed he started packing

Ishani was about to lay on the bed he came and saw her with concerned look hugged her she hugged him back am okay baby…

Ritika and naina planned well against ranveer sharman was totally unaware of this
Baa and pratik went to temple they saw amba both stood silent and came to home

Devarsh and krisha had quarrel every day chaitali was annoyed with this

Ishani woke up and saw ranveer mobile vibrating …naina was calling him

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