Bua and nitin had dinner and started to sleep in the train nitin started to worry about ishani
Ranveer Ishani had dinner he went to terrace with anshu started playing with him
Ishani after finishing her work started search him then she came to terrace
Anshu by hearing his mom voice went away ishani who was in light green transparent screen came near Ranveer. …why you came here now only you are feeling better
Ranveer hold her hands I become normal now
Ishani we will leave home tomorrow.I got a important work over there.
Ishani :Ranveer woh. …I need to inform nitin uncle so shall we leave by evening flight
Ranveer : haan sure ishani

Both started walking in the terrace by holding her hands
Ishani turned and saw Ranveer she kept her hands in his hands and said I promise you Ranveer I will never hide anything from you hereafter.
Ranveer smiled come let’s go down
Both came and locked the door Ranveer was booking flights tickets in mobile sitting in the hall.
Ishani was arranging the bed covers and changing it Ranveer enters the room and saw her he came with a smile amba called him he lift the call and sat in the bed he signed ishani to sat next to him
Ranveer : haan ma am fine now we are coming tomorrow
He gave mobile to ishani
Ishani :haan kaki
Amba: am waiting beta come soon
Ishani :she smiled to Ranveer ji kaki haan
Gud nyt


She kept the phone in lamp stand
Ranveer was almost laid on the bed. She touch his forehead to check he took her hand and kissed am perfectly fine ishani. .
Ranveer : come on sleep you take rest we will leave home tomorrow
Ishani covered both of them in blanket started to sleep.
It was midnight in Mumbai
One rich man met ritika in the jail
They plot plan against rv.
Ritika was laughing like a mad .
Ranveer felt thirsty so he drank water and saw ishani she was sleeping like a cute angel he admire her and kissed her forehead.
He also laid next to her

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