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IshRaRu: The Revenge Of Seven Years (Promo)

Hello ppl, I am a new yhm writer, I am one year old writer on telly updates, I m Sara by the way, also known as Sally Sue (Sara) or Salley145…maybe some of u know me, I m a Mehbeer and Manan fan fiction writer as well…OK so here u go with the promos…happy reading.

A boy cries sitting in front of mirror on something and a woman comes from behind.
Woman: stop crying, don’t forget I did a lot for your career, stand up and go, u have a concert to attend.


Boy: Please let me go to my family, have some humanity, I beg u.

The woman gets angry and beats him, the boy actually turns out to be a girl.

Woman: don’t u dare answer me back again or else I will be worse Ruhaan, better obey me, u r Ruhi but in world’s eyes u r Ruhaan.
.             .            .          .           .              .

Ruhi/Ruhaan: I’ve had enough, I can’t take it anymore, I will tell everything to my family and take revenge from Nidhi, she ruined my childhood, she took everything from me. Get ready to be ruined.

.      .      .        .       .        .        .       .        .

Ruhi:Nidhi Ma’am, I have a contract and its a big contract, trust me, we will be rich after that, I just need your sign on it.

Nidhi signs on it, Ruhi grins to herself and goes.
.           .          .        .          .            .         .

Ruhi: papa, our revenge is almost completed, we should tell this to Ishi Maa.

Her father cries.
Ruhi: why u crying papa?

He is unable to say.

What’s the matter? Where is Ruhi’s mother? What revenge is she talking about? Will she be successful? Excited? TO BE CONTINUED.

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